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Here is a serious question…....


.......that will probably take a few minutes to flash back and really ponder while you scan your past, before you come up with your answer.


  • How long has it been since you laughed so hard and so long that your sides hurt, or your face ached from using muscles you rarely use?

  • How long has it been since you cleaned out your tear ducts with tears of laughter?

  • And, how long, if you can admit it, has it been since you laughed so much that your bladder let loose too?

When I asked this question to people from all over the country while I was touring, most of the "adult" people said, it has been at least 15 years!!!!…..And a majority of those polled said it hadn’t been since they were a kid or a teenager!!!!



How did we get this way?

When did it happen?


For many of us it came on gradually, like a frozen pond, and it’s hard to really decipher exactly when, where, how, and why… just happened through a series of events.


The good news is that you have now identified a missing piece to the puzzle of life…or shall we say, "no life" and now have the opportunity to "get a life!"


At this point, I have another very relevant question to ask. When you had your last extended fit of laughter, what were the circumstances around it? What put you into this state of frivolous bliss? Who was there with you, and how long did it last?


Chances are that just thinking and reminiscing about it will make you light up and laugh again….or at the very least, snicker a little…….and doesn’t it feel great!


One interesting factor that seemed to be a common element as I was taking my uncontrollable laughter poll, was that it never happened while someone was in solitude without outside stimulation. This would lead one to believe that these high laughter vibes work best when there’s another electrical body to bounce the energy off of, and in doing so, it creates a buoyant rebound system that is immensely compelling and highly transmissible!


After gathering this laughter data, my creative juices began to flow, and the next thing I knew it turned into a geyser!


I began to ask myself some provocative questions. What if we had groups of people, young and old, meeting on a regular basis to laugh themselves silly? What would be the results of a major campaign to get this planet laughing their way out of their troubles and dramas and petty fighting? (I have never yet witnessed someone in blissful laughter that was up-tight or angry!)


Think of the implications here? You may want to unload your stock in blood pressure and anti depressant pharmaceuticals…..those dang things could be rendered totally useless and obsolete!


I have decided to, (with a little help from my esoteric friends,) take this humor business seriously….(how’s that for an oxy-moron….) and do whatever it takes to infiltrate and inundate this planet with, "Hal’s Halarious Healing Humor!"


For those of you who are reading this web page and feel your internal tickle bug activating, and want to get on the laugh-your-way-to-enlightenment train with me, I have come up with a few crafty ideas to help you come aboard!


Have you ever been shocked out of your reality gourd by an honest to goodness surprise party? Well, if you haven’t, you of course don’t know what you’re missing…so in the next few pages you will find things to remedy that! You will find the instructions for ordering your very first surprise party package, and also learn about the Unified Family Of Sacred Humor Beings! Once we get this humor train moving, there will be more surprise packages to order. They will all come complete with instructions, and everything you need to throw a totally awe-gnar-geous surprise party! (This is a Hal-ism. He took parts of awesome, gnarly, and outrageous and came up with awe-gnar-geous, which is pronounced……..However the heck you want!).


After you have gotten a few humor parties under your belt and have been seasoned and labeled as a "Serious Humor Party Animal," it is then your duty and obligation to write to us and give us your outrageous and gnarly ideas. We need your feedback on how to create new and improved surprise humor parties. Since laughter is highly contagious, let’s see if we can create a global epidemic! Together we can send this planet into the outer limits, through humor party-instigated endorphin highs!

Laura Lee Mistycah

&……of course..... HAL

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