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Got Ghosts???

The Bizarre But True Tales of the
Ghost Buster Gals

This humorous book about a perceived "scary subject" will give you practical information on how to deal with "Things That Go Bump In The Night" and other "W.S."


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When you open the book, you will be enveloped in chapters such as:


~Demons, and Spirits, and Ghosts, Oh My!
~ Shove-Ins ...The Universal Squatters.
~ Got Ghosts??? ...So What Do You Do Now?
~ Success Stories... Unearthly Adventures In Ghost Deportation.
~ Synchronicity... What Are the Odds?
~ Who Are The Ghost Buster Gals... Really?


Included is a "Do-It-Yourself Guide to ghost busting" so you can read the book and have the tools to bust your own ghosts!

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