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Kryahgenetics Sessions

What you need to know first...

Some people will look at this Kryahgenetics symbol and think it’s nothing more than an Easter egg or Christmas ornament, and then go on about their business and never give it another thought. For them and their reality, it will seem quite meaningless.

Then there are those of you who have an innate awareness and understanding of things you have never consciously seen or heard before… who can figure out symbolic encryption and language not only by the way it looks, but also by the way it feels. For you the geometric shapes, tones and resonances that are emitted from this patterned image will have deep, ancient and perhaps even exclusive meaning and value to you from the moment you lay your eyes on it.

I would request of you now, to ponder as you study this piece of cosmic art/language, and ask yourself what messages are here for everyone, and what private communications it may have for you personally.​

What Is Kryahgenetics?

What is Kryahgenetics?




The word KRYAHGENETICS is what I call "simpplex.." It can be very simply explained, yet on the other hand, it has complexities that are beyond our comprehension.


There are 2 parts or elements to this science that are very powerful in and of themselves, and when coupled together, make an awesome duo.


The 1st element, kryah: is the encompassment and direction of magnetics through: TONE/SOUND - LIGHT/COLOR - GEOMETRY/MATH -& LOVE/COMPASSION ...which can emit a fragrance. 




The 2nd element, genetics meaning: The information and life-force encoded and imprinted in the blood.


NOTE: Smell also enters into the Kryahgenetics equation. Elements  with a low vibration or high corruption level can off gas a stench, such as hostile ghosts. The opposite can also emit essences of flowers and roses.  There was evidence of both of these when we cleared the ghosts out of the Armegosa Hotel in 2002 and was very evident for everyone there who witnessed it. 

The purpose or function of this spiritual science you are about to be presented with, is to use the kryah to correct and heal the fractures, distortions, and imbalances that are causing death and decay in the genetics. This includes:


What we have created in this lifetime since conception, and are personally responsible for.


What we were given by our ancestors genetically.


What imprints and codes we accumulated and acquired during the many experiences we had in past lives/existences.


What can Kryahgenetics do for me?


The sciences and information associated with Kryahgenetics are very vast and literally awesome. The creativity and engineering that are intertwined with these two elements are absolutely mind-boggling, so a lot of understanding has to be re-routed from the head and through the heart in order to more fully and accurately comprehend its purpose and function.


The dichotomy here is that many of us have been very skillfully trained to UN- plug from our hearts because of past experiences that we perceived (or rather mis-perceived) about love, and that using our hearts as front-line receptors can cause the deepest, sharpest pain imaginable. Oddly enough, it is heart energies and emotions that we need to tap into, in order to jump-start our own unplugged heart generator.


This scenario goes around and around until somewhere, somehow, we find the intestinal fortitude and courage we need to open our eyes and take that giant leap of trust….not faith, and get a grip, so we can have a good look at our deepest, darkest, scariest pits of agony, terror, and despair. At this point, we must be ready and willing to jump right into the middle of the worst part…to shine the light, hear the tones of truth, and feel the geometry and emotions of how we mis-perceived a holographic illusion of pain, suffering, death, destruction, and victimhood. Then, and only then, can we once and for all get a grasp on the plug extended to us from the God Force of our Higher Selves/Soul Suemahs and plug back into, or reunite with, our unpolluted Heart/Mind. Once engaged into this power source, we automatically dismantle and dematerialize all the holographic illusions of separation from Source that we bought into previously.


Once we get plugged back into the wisdom and essence of our Higher Self/Soul Suemah, there is one more step remaining. We must then keep re-inforcing and anchoring that connection until there is an absolute merger or marriage of our physical selves and the all-knowing, all-feeling spiritual God Self. This my friends, is what the buzz-word ASCENSION actually, really, truly, honestly is, a total over-lay…and then an in-lay. A merger/fusion of you and your Higher Self!


So basically, Kryahgenetics is a methodology by which we can remove the blockages of pain, suffering, guilt, and fear that impair our ability to access or move through the heart and unite SOUL-LY with our Higher Selves/Soul Sueman's!

Now there may be a challenge here for some of your perceptions. Once the merger is complete…the idea is to stick around and help out down here instead of running off to take up residence in The Land of Ascended Masters!!! (I can see it now, all of the new Ascended Masters hanging out, exchanging Earth stories, enjoying their new status, basking in love, light, sound, and color, soaking up some rays, and totally losing track of the Earth-time illusion! …So many of them never make it back in time to help and assist the rest of us tired and weary Earthlings in changing the outcome of this drama!)


Well, to ensure this scenario never plays itself out, I have some news for any of you considering such a dastardly thing. It’s only wimpy, namby-pamby wanna-be Masters that believe they can stay within the gates of Ascended Masterdom without going back and earning their service stripes…..And the way that is done is by assisting other Earthlings in their ascension process and bringing some of them back with you! Besides, the Ascended Masters parties are much more fun and outrageous with more of us there… wouldn’t you agree?

How does Kryahgenetics work?





Learning how to identify corrupt holographic files/fields and then having the information and capabilities to correct them is what this process is all about, and the more we do it, the more creative and proficient we get. The speed and accuracy by which we accomplish this depends on two things, our desire and our willingness to do it..….eternally kicking and screaming and digging our heels in…or…dancing, laughing, and zooming…IT’S OUR CHOICE!


Through years of research, study, and personal experience, I have developed ways of detecting and deleting the scary monsters and phantoms (even the ones that are sneaky and try to hide) from our cell memories. This process should not be mistaken for the "deny and bury", or cover-up techniques that we so often try in an effort to cope and make it appear that things are functioning properly. The Kryahgenetics methods I use, take the anxiety and fear-charge off, so you can evaluate the experience from neutral ground. In this state, it becomes very obvious how to figure out what the experience was all about and how it actually served you. (Every experience, if looked at from certain viewpoints, has elements in it that serve you…every single one!) In this superior position, you’re back in your power and in a state of command---at cause instead of the brunt of ill-effects. At this point of neutrality, which I think is synonymous with deep peace, you can take action on the re-connection process to your Higher Self. The results are phenomenal, amazing, and magical.


Apparently I have been given, and encoded with, some of the activation keys that awaken and jump-start the alchemy of self-correction in DNA coding, for the Beings I facilitate for. Intuitively I find that I am not only capable of identifying the corrupt and distorted files, but also know how to catalyze their correction (even with intricate decoys and defense mechanisms.) Now, this Alchemical Magic extends even farther. What has been occurring is that I am also able to relay or duplicate these keys, which can then be transferred through this kryahgenetic process that I use.


What this means is that once I have had a few sessions with someone, they now have some of the same keys and codes I have accessed, sort of like downloading a program. If the receiver is capable, ready and willing, they too can facilitate with much the same "code" information I have. In a way, it’s sort of like duplicating a benevolent part of me. I’m not quite sure how this works, or why…… it just happens!

Anything’s Possible!



I believe that we were all given the blueprints to correct anything, even grow back body organs and parts that have been removed…if we could just figure out how to access those blueprints and know how to read them! If we have the information and innate ability to grow an organ in the first place at the beginning of life, we must have the recipe to do it again! (We just need to remember where we filed it!) How many times have we heard of people’s tonsils growing back? And what about tumors and warts, those darned things are always re-creating themselves! So why not ovaries, a kidney, a thyroid, or a uterus….an organ is an organ….tissue is tissue…right?


I have done much contemplation on this subject and my conclusion is that for me, there is no doubt about it, this lifetime I want to try something new and radical, like turn consciousness in my reality inside out and upside down! I want to do the health and regeneration thing this time instead of sickness, pain, and disease. If there is anyone else out there who wants to join me, there’s plenty of room in this thought system because there are so few that truly believe it is possible and probable!


Now this does not mean that I have total command over my body and emotions at this time….because I’m not there… yet… but I can tell you that it has improved immensely over the years, and I am learning more about how to apply and integrate this command every day.

My experience

My experience and involvement with the Love Science of Kryahgenetics has taken me quantum leaps in my understanding of our capabilities for regeneration in all areas of our lives. Through the years I have researched, studied and gained proficiency in many healing modalities such as:


Foot Reflexology, Muscle-Skeletal-Cranial Balancing using Directional Non-Force Chiropractic techniques, Emotional Debris Sweeping, which clears electro-magnetic and other debris from the body, Deep Tissue Compression/Stimulation to release physical and emotional blockages, Rapid Eye Therapy, Timeline Therapy, Psychic Implant Removals, "Boo Therapy" instant emotional release method,  Neuro Linguistic Programming, Direct & Remote Body Scanning for physical and nutritional deficiencies, Remote Correction Transmissions, and have even taken these skills to the realm of our pets!


I have come to the conclusion that Kryahgenetics is a prime factor which is intimately intertwined in all of it. It makes no difference if I am "tuning into" a person, an animal, or a "pet plant," the principles are still the same.


What can be expected if I get

a Kryahgenetic session?


Well, I could tell you what a typical session might be like, except……..there isn’t such a thing as a typical session!


I never know what is going to happen or can guess where my client’s Higher Self might take us, so I have to be prepared for just about anything and then totally let go and trust at all times.


In the beginning, I take a history of my client to get some background on where they are and where they have come from. I like to have them come in with a "wish list" of things they would like to address, delete, or get more clarity on. I like to be in a room with appropriate music, and a nice safe atmosphere. I use the elements of fire (candles,) water (a fountain and water to drink,) earth and stars (the power rocks,) and air (ventilation and plants.) It’s also important to be in a place where there will be no distractions (hold phone calls, have someone else handle children or pets needing attention, etc.)


(You may have noticed that I said, "I’d like to have these conditions." In this practice what you preach business, you have to be adaptable and be ready to assist at a moment’s notice….I once did a session in the back seat of a car, on the freeways of LA, in the dark, in rush hour traffic!)


After I have orchestrated a healing, loving, relaxing, safe environment, I once again get my clients verbal permission to work with them and for physical contact. Once that permission is given, I am free to start, knowing I have permission to access their internal information. I then have my client take some deep breaths, in through their nose and out through their mouth to give them some serenity and oxygen. Once we have achieved a state of peace and trust, I begin scanning their energy fields and central nervous system with my hands. When I have gotten in sync with their energy field, things start to happen. I may hear a phrase or words that have to do with some sort of trauma this person has had either in this life, or some other life. Now, sometimes these words or pictures seem meaningless, and the client gives no indication of any recollection or connection to what I am picking up on, and this is where total trust in the process comes in. Invariably, as I patiently move the energy blockages and collect more data, all of a sudden a light will go on and my client will start getting rapid recall of a situation they had either selectively forgotten, or militantly protected and guarded to keep them from consciously remembering.


NOTE: Even if you have blocked a memory, (because at the time you didn’t have the tools or resources, and/or there wasn’t anything you could do to correct it, or because it was extremely terrifying or there were threats involved making it unsafe to remember,) the anxiety and fear energy of that situation continues to run through your nervous system. As a result, there is a restricting or even cutting off of nerve, blood and energy supplies. In addition, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep these memories blocked and guarded. Once you create a safe environment to address and release these situations and use the experience to empower you instead of victimize or destroy you, that energy which was used to hold these memories out of your conscious mind can now be freed. The energy that comes rushing to the surface can now be utilized in other ways and put you in a position of feeling the freedom of having your life force back to use as you consciously see fit!




During these times of lovingly moving the blockages, it is vitally important for me to stay in my core (center) and not get frustrated at what is…..or rather isn’t happening. When you meet up with aggressive resistance, that force will tend to want to overpower the facilitator. I remember several times when the resistance was so strong that I fell for the trap and started to get sucked into the black hole of my client. My thoughts were, "Boy, you sure have a serious mess here, I wish I knew someone who could help you…..maybe God can’t even fix this one!"


Another trick the "resistance" pulls, is one of overpowering drowsiness for both the client and the facilitator, sort of like the field of poppies in, "The Wizard of Oz." Your biggest desire is deep sleep… RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! ...AND YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT MUCH OF ANYTHING ELSE BUT LETTING YOURSELF GO OFF TO DREAM LAND… HOWEVER OR WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GO THERE!


Then there are the walls of denial and flat-out invalidation of everything that is presently happening. If a facilitator isn’t operating from, and anchored solidly in their core at all times, and allowing of the process, whatever it may be……if they get offended easily or have control issues that haven’t been cleaned up……there could be some feathers ruffled!


During the session, at key moments with precise timing, I will use N.L.P. techniques to clear the blockages, and re-route the neuro pathways. This isn’t something that a manual can teach you, it has to come purely from your gut…It has to be done by intuition and the synchronicity and synergism you have with your Higher Self and the Higher Self of the client.  Nothing else will work, or would be appropriate!


Once sufficient blockages have been cleared and enough neuro pathways have been rerouted, it is now time for the great connection with the client and their Higher Self. There are several methods of doing this, and I can never predict how it will happen. Sometimes it is in a visualization or vision. Sometimes it comes in the form of unmistakable feelings and physical sensations. Sometimes it is in an entirely different dimension, and sometimes it’s some totally new way that their Higher Self has made plans for, so I have to constantly be ready to "go with the flow." When this connection is complete, and usually some dialoguing has taken place… such as messages from the Higher Self to establish love links and direct communication routes… then this energy is anchored in 3 times, going deeper and stronger each time!



What can be expected

after a Kryahgenetics Session?


When a session is finished, there is generally a substantial amount of energy that continues to reroute and process……..which usually takes 3 days to complete. After a session is over, it is common for the client to be hungry, thirsty and sleepy. I tell them to honor their bodies and give them what they need to effectively complete this process. I also try to create some way of tracking the improvements and corrections, because the "monkey mind" always wants to come in and minimize or invalidate the potency and magnitude of what just happened. If you know how to maneuver around these and many other obstacles, and if the sessions are done with total love, honor and integrity, the results can be absolutely magical!


What can cause distorted perceptions?


The memories of terrifying experiences, when backed by enough fear and combined with feelings of helplessness, can cause major perceptual and personality shifts and fractures. These experiences and memories can also be extremely undermining due to the effects they have on just about every choice that is made because it is reinforced by the grip of this debilitating fear! These terror-filled traumas can wreak such havoc in the nervous system that physical ailments usually are their inseparable partners.


What kind of imbalances

has Kryahgenetics reversed?


Some of these include:

  • Anxiety, dread, and terror of many things such as:

  • High places

  • Elevators

  • Lightning and other storms

  • Fire

  • Water, so much that even taking a bath brings up fear and anxiety

  • Germs

  • Worms, snakes, leeches, rats, dogs, and other animals

  • Enclosed places

  • Auto and airplane accidents

  • Title waves, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other acts of nature


There are also hidden terrors that are more difficult to locate and address, but never the less, able to reverse which include:


  • Flashbacks from war

  • Rape

  • Gang assault

  • Child abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Ritual abuse

  • Abductions

  • Government experiments

Some of these subjects may give you the "creepy crawlies" just to see them on paper. If there are certain words that were triggers for you, and you think you may have been involved with some of this R.S.S. (Really Scary Sheep-dip,) know that there are ways to get set free of all these entanglements that have you "spellbound." Know that a "normal" (whatever that is) life of happiness and bliss, unshadowed by these scary, and very real, monster memories, is definitely possible….and probable! All you have to do is be ready and open so that when you get connected to the right help…’ll not only allow it, but embrace it!

The Good News!





I have become proficient and well seasoned as I have worked with many varieties of these debilitating terrors. I could tell you tales that would curl your ears and your tail! This is why it is absolutely imperative that Kryahgenetics facilitators have a wide background of experience and have a high percentage of their own goblins removed through Kryahgenetics, so they will have the ability and reflex response to stay in peace and neutrality at all times……for their own sake as well as that of the one they are working with. Whether these incidents happened last week, last month, last year, or fifty years ago……or whether it was this lifetime or another…..the imprints are still there and need to be addressed, understood, reconciled and ultimately used for supreme life enhancement and empowerment.


At this time, I must tell you honestly, each client, each personal history, has been an awesome, fascinating adventure for me as I have attempted to find the clues that crack codes. (Sometimes these can be hidden or camouflaged, which makes it even a bigger challenge!) When this is accomplished, there is an instant releasing of the chaos, confusion, and suffering…..and harmony, balance, love and inner peace are the new outcome.

Especially for Women



One of the understandings I have gleaned through my research and experience, is the silly, ludicrous mutations that got planted and imbedded in our consciousness concerning the life cycles of women. When you really study this subject, it becomes apparent how warped and mutated it has gotten. There seems to have been a grand campaign to twist, warp, and misinform in order to control women and curtail their feminine processes. (This also has happened to men too… I will address that one later…..And yes it is just as ludicrous!) The anxieties, fears, and dreads that have been handed down and are presently all over the media concerning the monthly cycles of women, get them coming and going!


First of all, most young girls have had it taught, or implied, that this life cycle can be the cause of a lot of pain, suffering and embarrassment. As a young woman I bought into this one….bowl, tank, flange, bob, and flusher… the entire toilet… I took it ALL on!


I have many tales to tell of my health revolution/evolution. The experiences I have had in the field of natural healing and the feminine process have expanded way beyond anything I could have comprehended as a young woman. I began to understand the hidden agendas behind taking the feminine elements out of the feminine processes, such as moon cycles, conceiving or NOT conceiving children, childbirth, and women’s feminine malfunctions.


When I began studying materials like the teachings of Ramtha, "Bringers of the Dawn," and "Earth" by Barbara Marciniac, and the incredible information by Laurence Gardner who wrote, "Bloodline of the Holy Grail," it really exploded the perimeters on the limited perceptions I had acquired. I also remember how validating it was when I read Ramtha’s words about how ridiculous it was for a woman to check herself every month for a disease that could result in removal of feminine body parts and even become fatal… And that if you keep looking for something… sooner or later your subconscious will create it and manifest it for you! I knew intuitively, even as a young woman, that looking for this disease just didn’t feel right, and now I was getting more and more backing for my gut feelings!


Another wake-up call for me was the complete reversal of all the taboos, humiliation and fear around menses blood. I knew when I began my quest in holistic healing that there must be more than I had been told about what I now refer to as "Scarlet Magic" and is referred to by Laurence Gardner as "Star Fire." I would highly recommend his tapes and videos to anyone in search of some fascinating material on this subject. His discoveries make too much sense, and feel too right to not be true or at least have some very strong validity behind his research.

Be aware!


There is a grand propaganda scheme that has been invading our consciousness grid for such a very long time now. This agenda is attempting to keep the ancient wisdom and true information under lock and key so that the secrets of the illumination in the blood of the female would never be desired, and therefore, never understood. There have also been many dark and unethical practices around the globe for many, many centuries to try and usurp the feminine presence and the love/life force within the Star Fire… and instead use the blood of humans and animals in sacrificial rituals and rites. This is a totally distorted, perverted action that has brought much pain, terror, and suffering to many people and animals who were unwilling participants.


Having worked with people who were survivors of ritual abuse, I understand how some of these perverted operations work and the mentality behind them. This knowledge makes me even more aware, on the opposite end of the spectrum, of how beautiful and sacred the proper understanding and use of the blood of the Goddess can be. If understood and used with respectful intent, this marvelous life-giving substance can do many things, from being a wonderful fertilizer for houseplants and crops, to marking property and sacred energy space, to decoding and regenerating our bodies! It has been revealed that Star Fire was one of the sacred ingredients of the elixir found in The Holy Grail.

I must also tell you from my heart, that some of the most treasured elements of Kryahgenetics can only be found and integrated by the proper understanding, awareness, and use of the magical frequencies, elements, and codes found hidden… awaiting their activation in this sacred gift… STAR FIRE!



May you be inspired and fruitful in your quest for love and knowledge… so close and yet so far… found cloaked in the feminine mysteries of "THE SCARLET MAGIC!"






How can I become a

Kryahgenetics Facilitator?


NOW… If you are interested in learning some of the methods I use as a Kryahgenetics facilitator, your life will be altered and tremendous healing will take place both within yourself, and in every-thing around you. Your whole existence will take on some new inter-dimensional adventures!

Let me notify you in advance though, don’t go looking for The Great Schools of Kryahgenetics for training, certification, diplomas, and licensing because… they don’t exist… (And WON’T Exist!) Kryahgenetics is a very personal Science/Art and has to be learned by sheer desire and passion to help humanity…(basically, you volunteer to learn how to be on The Cosmic Clean-Up Crew!) A Kryahgenetics facilitator must have been around the block enough times to know where all the chuckholes are and how to maneuver around them. They must also have a high level of clarity within themselves as well as impeccable intent.


If you feel that you are destined to become a Kryahgenetics healer/facilitator, I would first suggest that you read this Kryahgenetics & Kryahgenetics II several times. You will also need the background found in many other books on the body/mind connection. (Check the back of the Kryahgenetics book for a suggested reading list.) Then go to The Great School of Self-Mastery… Turn inward to your own internal teacher for personal instruction on where to go for help and information.


After you have had time and experience in your own private School of Self-Mastery, you will know when to ask your personal tutor (your Higher Self or "Suemah") if you are ready, then click on this link for more precise instructions. 

When this is accomplished, you must then go to your Higher Self /Suemah and ask for instruction on how you can use your own experience, ancient wisdom, and love to assist someone else in this transition/transmutation process.


This is how Hal instructed me to set it up, so that the integrity of this Love-Science maintains its purity. No one but you decides if you are ready to be a Kryahgenetics facilitator……BUT I MUST CAUTION YOU! If ever, at any time, Altered Ego gets in your way and you don’t use honor, integrity, love, and purity in your intent, as you assist another’s healing process, you will be corrected by those in the Highest Realms of Authority… (and it may not be a pretty sight!)… UNDERSTAND?


Oh, and one more thing. No rights, no wrongs, no restrictions, no regulations, no tests, no earthly credentials, no control…(just you and the Head School Master inside.) No one but YOU can determine how best to let Love, Pure Spirit, Knowledge, and Wisdom move through you!


I honor you for all of your efforts, and for taking the time and energy to respond to your Spirit’s call and read this information when it was placed before you.


I am requesting that you read carefully the section on Aurauralite and watch this video. This rock and the Kryahgenetics Eggs are very powerful tools and mandatory that they be used to assist you with all your healing adventures in…



    Your Sister… LauraLee Mistycah​

Wha Can Kryahgentics Do For Me?
How Does Kryahgnetics Work?
My Experience
What Can Be Expected If I Get a Kryahgenetic Sessoin?
What Can Be Expected After A Kryahgenetics Session?
What Can Cause Distorted Perceptions?
What kind Of Imbalances Has Kryahgenetics Reversed?
How Can I Become A Kryahgenetics Facilitator?
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