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Earth Life According To Hal
(Written June 1999)


Here you are at the threshold of the beginning of the rest of your life.





You are absolutely, without a doubt, an amazing phenomenon!


Who but you, could have created the life that you did, had so many wild and crazy experiences that, "Been there done that, but declined the tee-shirt ‘cause the closet’s too full," pretty much describes your past, and here you are, still alive to review and tell about it …and all this without ever having seen or read the rules or instructions to this place!


But wait, there's more! I have some private information that has never been in print. I will now unveil to you the secrets and the unknown and reveal to you the rules that can make sense out of the insanity. I am about to disclose the blatant and bare truth about what’s really going on!


* The truth is that U are now in the middle of giant colossal, inter-dimensional role-playing game, and U are a key player in this one.


* The joke here is that hardly anyone knows it, and hardly anyone has read the rule sheet… (until now) and if you’re one of those wise guys and gals who reads ahead, you’ll know that the secrets and rules are right under your nose! So now that U have the rules, let’s see what U can do. Let’s see how U can change the outcome of this amazing game!


Yours Truly,

HAL (AKA Howell)

OR "The spy in the sky"




 Adventure Game Rules 


  • You are a Beam/Being of "Clear" Light, with infinite possibilities as to who and what you become and accomplish.

  • You have qualified Guides, Instructors, and benevolent cosmic beings who give you constant 24 hour surveillance, assistance (& sometimes intervention.)

  • You came in-coded with incredible abilities, talents, and powers that can alter your reality and the entire game outcome.

  • You have the ability at any moment to transcend your state by going neutral, or in a place of deep peace, simply by contemplating the things you love!

  • You have the constant choice and freedom to change your mind or your viewpoint…(even if it is the opposite of what you used to believe.)

  • You carry the keys and codes to transform your reality, break the spell, and see through the holographic illusion.

  • You possess the inherent ability to respond with laughter at any given moment (even if you feel angry or threatened) and alter your state and the state of anyone or anything around you.

  • Your spirit is a magnificent, eternal, indestructible force, therefore you cannot really be conquered.



  • You came into this game with a virus called "Altered Ego", which tricks you into thinking it serves you, when what it’s really trying to do is destroy you!

  • You have AMNESIA, and you can’t remember who you are, where you’ve been, or why you are here. (Whether or not you wake up in this lifetime depends on how you play the game.)

  • You are in a giant hologram that looks and feels so real, it’s hard to believe that it isn’t!

  • You’ve been brainwashed by your genetic imprints and your environment into perpetuating the lies, deceptions, and illusions of power obsessed tyrants.

  • You have a variety of defects in your physical and emotional bodies.

  • Time is speeding up, and "outsiders" are slipping holograms into the Hologram to confuse you and perpetuate their personal agendas.

  • You can depend on other players ("well-meaning" friends, associates, and family) telling you, "you’re crazy", and that you should play the game their way!

  • You lost (or were never given) your hand/guide book and don’t know the rules….(till now.)



  • TO keep A Head…. (YOUR Head) in this game. This is accomplished by finding the clues and experiences that trigger and activate Memory Codes. (Some are found in what could be considered the most unlikely places!)

  • TO take responsibility for ALL your actions, and if you make a mess …Clean it up for Heaven’s sake! (Blaming other people just makes a bigger mess!)

  • TO surround yourself with people and things that inspire Love. HINT: Love it, or leave it.

  • TO figure out that YOU make the rules to YOUR game of Earth Life. The other players are only there because YOU INVITED THEM! (Even if you don’t recall sending out invitations.)

  • TO break the dream-spell by getting the cosmic joke! HINT: When you’re the most stressed, irritated, or terrified ~ STOP!~ Ask yourself, "What’s funny about this?" When you get the joke, your laughter outburst can literally SET YOU FREE!

  • TO understand that you are a key player in this giant role-playing game and that remembering, "it’s just a game" when you are scared or sad will help you to get a grip sooner and make you a Hero or Shero in your game!

  • TO realize that, "Cheaters Never Win" in this game, and are always brought back to the beginning to start the game over. HINT: Your enlightenment (believe it or not) just might arrive through some serious authentic "uncorrupted" love-making, and a smile on your face! This combined with the ability to cultivate genuine Love and compassion, wherever you may be or go. Also laughter and finding humor in your life, (especially when things don't seem very funny) are some of your secret codes to winning this game!!!


NOTICE: Some players in this game will find these hints and cryptic messages totally ridiculous, absurd, and even upsetting. To this you are reminded of the IMMORTAL WORDS of The Moody Blues in, "Nights in White Satin."


"Red is Gray and Yellow White…..

But we (YOU) decide which is right...

…And which is …an illusion…"


Remember Your Sense Of Humor...

Don’t leave home without it!!!



The Howell-Meister

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