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2001...A Space Odyssey
A Message From Hal's Computer To Yours...
(Written Nov. 2000)


To all the players and spectators in this

"Game Of Earth Life"

The year 2001 is going to be an important one, full of many surprises for everyone, both personally and globally. There are many of you who are on the threshold of major paradigm shifts which will put you into positions and places on the game board that you have been waiting your whole life for. You will find that you have been preparing and having experiences…. (Many of which may have seemed to you like chronic nightmares) …..which are now your foundation for this new "altered" state of being. You are going to realize, if you have not figured it out already, that it was your initiation for what you are to do and to be at this time. Many of you will feel like your life is finally getting fun and turning to magic… after day getting better than the last…while others who have refused to learn the lessons of your confinement and nightmares, will continue to feel like each day is worse than the day before….and whining won’t change your state…..Only Action!


There is one matter that needs to be addressed for all of you who consider yourselves to be on the Light-Keeper team. It seems that you have been out of balance for many lifetimes, and that you just have not gotten one of the games of life figured out and mastered yet. You have interpreted this part the of game as unimportant and not a part of the requirements for your mastership training program.


It is difficult for you to even think or talk about this subject without bringing up many out-of-balance emotions. Your terminology of what I am about to tell you has gotten warped and filled with propaganda by historical records and also by what some of you would consider your Mentors and Heroes in your spiritual communities.


The terms you use are vague to describe this energy and you shrink and shudder at the use of blatant terms that describe this energy because you deem it to be downright frightening and scary because you perceived it to be "worldly, unethical, unloving, distasteful, loathsome, corrupting, seductive, improper, undesirable, evil, anti-Christ, ungodly, unenlightened, un-spiritual"…..and therefore should not have, or ever be involved with this energy in any form.

Can you figure out what this energy is?????


(There was an entire chapter in Kryahgenetics that was devoted to this subject)

Well, let me tell you right now that if you think you are going to the land of Ascended Masters without mastering this aspect of the game…you are in for an awegnargeous surprise! If you think that you can skirt around it and pretend that it is not mandatory for accomplishing your contracts here…you can just think again!


There is not one of you that has come to raise consciousness and help the planet and its life forms out that can accomplish your mission to it’s fullest potential without having full command of this energy. If you are in lack of this energy, your spiritual contracts that have global implications will not materialize… period!


You have been duped into believing that this energy is not spiritual, and as a result, this energy has fallen into the hands of the tyrants! Unless you stand your ground, fix your warped perceptions and own this energy in all it’s aspects, the tyrants will continue to reign and the entire game of earth life will be altered. Freedom will not be an option any more! Many of you came to this planet to correct this imbalance, but have not figured out that it is part of your mission here, (and especially that you are missing the main ingredient for your purposes fulfillment!) You think you can bypass it and it will magically correct itself. Well, alchemy is possible, but not if you are not willing to see it for what it is and then use your powers of alchemy to correct this gross imbalance!


Have you figured it out yet?????


I am talking about the poor, misinterpreted, misunderstood, mismanaged, misappropriated energy of CURRENCY! ~ MONEY! ~ CASH! ~ WEALTH!

If the words Wealth, Riches, Gold, Money, and especially Power make you shrink and cower… then, "Houston…you have a problem!" If the only words that make you feel safe and secure when describing or working with this energy are abundance and love offerings… then "Houston, you have another problem!"


Now abundance is not a bad word, but in the metaphysical communities, this is the nebulous word that has attached some very strange energy to it because it is so nebulous that you are never sure if you have actually arrived at this state... and it never seems to be a stable and complete state, because the ones who talk about it and "preach" about it are usually in a constant state of financial strangulation and survival. What they are really saying is that they have love and compassion in their life… but they are not including that love and compassion to extend and involve the poor (pun intended) energy of money that has been captured and controlled by the $$$ Lords … what they are actually doing is shunning and segregating themselves from this powerful energy that can free or enslave, and therefore since it is not freeing them,

They Are Being Enslaved!


Many of you have been working on ways to "Bypass the system" which is very admirable…keep working on your bartering and alternative systems….these systems are and will be very valuable and useful. But in this culture, in these times, and especially in the cities, you cannot barter for your mortgage, your utilities, your groceries, your gas, etc. So don’t even try to schmooze yourself into the illusion that $$$$ does not matter!


The bare facts are that it does, it matters a lot, and you might as well come clean on this reality of the illusion you are playing in because that is the first step in your "5 Step" program to recovery!


#1 Recognize you have been duped

#2 Have the guts to de-dupe your self

#3 Don’t stop till you have completed your de-duping

#4 Hold that space of de-dupment permanently

#5 Help others to de-dupe themselves by using all the de-duping methods you know!


And so we come to the end of this segment of "Money Matters"….. (this pun absolutely intended because money truly matters….. and if you don’t believe us and have the passion and desire to fix this imbalance, then you will never get out of your trap….. you will never truly be free!)…..we invite you to stay tuned for another episode in this web site.....


…..Coming To A Computer Near You!

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