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If you are interested in some of the healing modalities we have to offer, select from the menu below for further information.


Every methodology used here is a form of Kryahgenetics. Even Reflexology can be a Kryahgenetics procedure if done with the correct focus, knowledge, and intent.

NOTE:   Laura Lee teaches many of these healing modalities in her "Knights Training Courses."     Click on the Knight  for more information.

Body Scan

Body/Organ Scanning

      For deficiencies & Blockages using Kinesiology


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, or Muscle Response Testing (M.R.T.) is a method of tapping into our own bio-computers and retrieving valuable information about our physical and emotional state, much of which we may have no conscious awareness or understanding of. Through the use of M.R.T., the efficiency, (or deficiencies) of the physical body can be detected, and then a custom designed program can be created to correct any of those deficiencies.

With the use of M.R.T. you can fairly accurately identify: nutritional deficiencies, proper daily intake of specific nutrients, food and environmental allergies, whether or not a supplement is helpful or harmful to your particular chemistry, internal organ and gland malfunctions, muscle-skeletal misalignments, origins of emotional and physical problems, and also if someone is telling the truth.

How does it work?
M.R.T. is a science of detecting subtle changes in the body’s energy field, through the measurement of the strength or weakness of the muscles. When the body hears something about itself that is inaccurate, it weakens the entire system for 2-5 seconds. When an acupoint is stimulated or energy directed toward a specific organ, and that organ is weak, the entire system weakens for 2-5 seconds. One of the systems that is greatly affected is the muscular system, so by using this amazing phenomena, we can test the strength of any muscle, to detect imbalances anywhere in the body.
There are many computer type machines available that do an excellent job of measuring these subtle energies, but a simpler, more portable unit, is found literally in your hands! Muscle testing with your fingers can be done in a variety of ways, but the accuracy depends on the practitioner, and how good they are in being neutral and staying out of attempting to control the results or outcome. A good practitioner also is intuitive enough to know what questions to ask. The research and experiments that have been done with Kinesiology are getting more extensive and mainstream. It is now becoming a very respected information recovery tool.


Rapid Eye

Rapid Eye Movement Therapy

         (Bypass your defense mechanisms and get into the classified files.)





One of the newer cutting edge emotional release therapies available, is rapid eye therapy. The premise for this therapy is that if you can simulate the state you are in during R.E.M. sleep, you can bypass your defense mechanisms, and get into the classified files and delete the no longer useful ones, and then submit a new file that is!


This therapy is very non-evasive, and if you do not want to talk about the incident specifically, you can instead, identify the emotions it causes. This maintains certain confidence levels, and allows the emotions of an otherwise hidden and protected deep dark secret that is torturing you, to be addressed and released.


The way this is accomplished is that the therapist has an object, (a stick or a wand) for the client to focus on, and quickly moves it back and forth, in various eye levels and positions, to simulate the movement and fluttering of R.E.M. The therapist then gives commands to the client to release the traumas and emotions that are surfacing, and these are released via the eyes through rapid blinking.



If you are interested in learning more about this therapy, I would suggest you contact:

The Rapid Eye Institute

3748 74th Ave. SE
Salem, OR.  97317



           Directional Non-Force
       Muscle-Skeletal  Balancing

     Naturally reduce every day aches and pains.

When the bones and muscles get moved out of place or balance, (either by a physical injury, or through the tightening of muscles as a reaction to stress,) the outcome can be a lot of pain and suffering. Through the use of intuition and Kinesiology, these imbalances can be detected, and with the method of Directional Non-Force energy thrusting, many of these aches and pains can be alleviated. This method of body balancing is very subtle, and virtually painless, although many intuitive people are able to feel the energy being re-routed and often feel the physical responses in the form of tingles, goose bumps, shivers and even light electrical shocks!


Some of the conditions that have been corrected through this method of helping the body to heal naturally are:


  • Head Aches

  • Back Aches

  • Whip Lash

  • Sports Injuries

  • Auto Injuries

  • T.M.J.

  • Sciatica

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Sprained Ankles and Wrists

  • Jammed or Compressed Joints

  • Cramping or catching in the joints

"It has been my experience that for the most part, there is instant relief of pain with this method. In some circumstances though, the pain is relieved within 24 hours, unless the imbalances are so severe that there needs to be some reinforcement sessions to reeducate the body to the new balanced blueprint."

" I have  done this method on may different kinds of animals with great success, and it can even done "remotely" over the phone!"


Electro-Magnetic Debris Sweep/Release

    Clear built up energy from your body and auric field.

As we move through the day to day stresses in our lives, we can unknowingly attract or pick up and imbed electro-magnetic debris from our environment, and the people around us. In addition to this, we can create this kind of garbage ourselves from our negative or unloving thoughts and reactions to our experiences. When this energy builds up, it can make us fatigued, restless, irritable, depressed, or even disoriented. Eventually if this energy imbeds into our physical body, it can cause aching, soreness, or hypersensitivity in the tissues.


(When I get overloaded with electromagnetic garbage, I can hear my body screaming at me "Help, Help… Get this muck off me!  Sweep me... Sweep me… I cant stand it any more!)


If this physical manifestation happens, you can to a minimal extent, sweep yourself, but it is so much nicer to have someone else do this for you so you can relax and enjoy it… (besides, it is pretty darned hard to sweep your own back!   ;o)


CAUTION: When you sweep someone, you will want to make sure that you are aware of what you are pulling off, and how to neutralize it so you don’t just leave it there to pollute your house or the environment wherever you are when you pull it off!


I ALWAYS use Aurauralite/Aulmauracite Rocks to help me pull the gunk off and neutralize it, (you can  use the Kryahgenetics Egg if you haven't gotten your Aulmauracite rocks yet).

Sweeping Instructions


Take both hands, and starting from one joint such as the shoulder,with an alternating motion, one hand and then the other, move your hands down their arm toward their fingertips… and then off their body completely. This can be done with slow, deliberate motions, or with swift brushing strokes. Both are valuable, and do different things

CAUTION: Do not stop in the middle, and go back up the arm!!!! This backs the garbage up like a sewer backing up!!!

Sometimes you will find so much gunk on someone, that your hands get full and start to cramp up. If this happens, continue to the next joint such as the elbow, or wrist, and with both hands, act as if you are grabbing it, and pull it off the sides of the joint using a snapping motion… and then fpick up an Aurauralite/Aulmauracite Rock or Pendant, for total dissolving and neutralizing of the debris.


If this is done properly, the person you are assisting will actually be able to feel the stuff being pulled or swept off!!! Continue the sweeping until there is no residue left….or until the sweeper gets tired and has to quit. (This debris sweeping feels so good, that the one being swept will most likely bribe or beg you not to quit!!!)


This sweeping can be done on the Arms (shoulder to fingertips), Legs (hip to toes), Neck (front to back or back to front), Head, Ears, Spine, and from Head to Toe….just remember, once you start, don’t stop until you get to the end and make sure you don’t brake contact unless you are at a joint…and then pull it off the sides!!


As you’re sweeping someone, or are being swept, be conscious of your breathing, and use slow deep breaths, or quick forceful exhale breaths to move this energy quicker and more efficiently. When this method is done right, it works every time!!! …..So find a sweeping partner, some candles or Aurauralite, and clean up some of the electromagnetic toxic waste you’ve been collecting. Your body will be thrilled!

Classes on Elector-Magnetic Debris Sweeping are being taught by Laura Lee Mistycah in her Cutting Edge Healing Modality Labs. For more information on how you can attend one of these III level labs check our schedule.

Debris Sweep

Deep Tissue Compression Stimulation

       When Debris Sweeping doesn't get deep enough.






There are times when Debris Sweeping just doesn’t get deep enough. Sometimes the emotional and electro-magnetical garbage has lodged itself… and even locked itself, deep in the muscle tissues.

When this happens we need deep compression coupled with rocking and/or "vibration" to "let the steam out."  The release and relief from this modality of healing is phenomenal. Many times with this type of "garbage dumping," there will be visions and memory releasal of the incident that occurred, which caused the trauma/debris in the first place. This is an excellent time to "get it out... deal with it... and get rid if it once and for all!"


If this modality is also coupled with breath and vocal chord releasing, the results can be amplified even farther.

This deep compression work can be very healing if the practitioner knows what they are doing and how best to free this penned up energy. When you choose a practitioner for this type of work, you may want to be aware that a good one will know what to do with the energy once it is released. They will also honor you and your pain tolerance, as some of these points can be extremely tender to the touch, and need to be nurtured as the compression gets deeper. A good therapist is cognizant of this, and knows how to release the stress as they go deeper, so that it actually "Hurts Good."


(If you have ever had one of these sessions, then you know what "Hurts Good" means!)

Deep Tissue


Stimulating the reflexes in your feet to bring back balance.





There are Reflexes in your hands, feet, and ears that are relative to every body part and organ. By stimulating these reflexes, you can bring the body back into balance and create a state of homeostasis. Reflexology is a method of stimulating those reflexes with firm or deep compression, and if done properly, can cause an instant response of regeneration, detoxification, and healing.


Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to have your feet rubbed? 7,200 nerve endings in each foot could be one of the reasons!


Many people think that Reflexology and acu-pressure were done only by the ancient Chinese, but there is proof that this healing art was done in other parts of the world too. In this picture, taken from the physicians tomb in Egypt, is clearly a rendition of hand and foot Reflexology being done. The translation of the Hieroglyphics show the one being worked on, or the patient saying "Don’t hurt me"…….and then the practitioner responds with "I shall act so you praise me"









Here is a map of the foot that shows you where the reflexes are. It is interesting to note, that the reflexes are set up in the feet, anatomically correct as to how they are in the body. The toes representing the head, the ball of the foot representing the chest, the arch representing the stomach and abdomen, and the heel representing the lower back and pelvic area. It was also fascinating to me that the spine and the foot….if turned to the side, have the same double "S" curve….the joint of the big toe representing the axis-Altus, the root of the big toe representing the 7th cervical, the arch of the foot represents the thoracic, the heel represents the lumbar, and curling back toward the ankle represents the coccyx.



This method of deep tissue compression can be very healing, but also extremely sensitive in certain areas, and when choosing a practitioner, you will want to find someone who understands how energy moves, and how to release the stress as they compress deeper into the tissues. This method also, if done properly, will "hurt Good."

For reference material, I would highly recommend The International Institute of Reflexology. The books that were written by Dewight Byers, the president of the institute are excellent, and very user friendly. Their address and contact numbers are:

International Institute of Reflexology
5650 First Avenue North
P.O. Box 12642
St. Petersburg, FL. 33733

Phone (727) 343-4811


Telephone Consultations 


     Remote Healing with LauraLee

Telephone Consultations

NOTE: Due to Laura Lee’s busy  schedule and also due to the number of First Wave Indigos waking up and needing assistance, she is only booking consultations with First Wave Indigos.  If you would like a psychic reading, we would highly recommend Ronnie Foster Laura Lee's Ghost Buster Partner.  Her e-mail address is 

When having a Private Phone Consultation with Laura Lee Mistycah, there are a variety of options you can have. The following are some examples:

  • Remote Body Scanning and Correction Transmissions: Since time and space are relative to perception, some of the same work that is done in person can also be done long distance, with a high level of efficiency. Body scanning for physical deficiencies and disorders is one of these. If the proper environment is created, Laura Lee is capable of doing remote scanning, and then transmit correction blueprints for reception, much the same way radio and TV Information is transmitted. Although you are not there in the radio station to hear the music personally, when it is broadcasted, if you are tuned into the right frequency, you can pick it up on your receiver and hear the music with great clarity and enjoyment. If you are aware and open to this method, you could be very useful and beneficial to you.

  • Remote Pet Scanning and Correction Transmissions: Using the same principles as before, work can be done for ailing pets. Laura Lee has many pet healing stories to tell. Read some of these amazing stories in "Pet Tales" on this web site.

  • Physical and Emotional Disorder Intuitive Advice and Guidance: Laura Lee seems to have a gift for being able to identify "what’s ailing you," and help you help yourself back into balance. Many people say that they feel better by just talking to her and hearing her voice… especially when she helps you see the humorous side to some of your challenges and dramas.

  • Business Advice: Many people have gone to Laura Lee for help in the business world. She has been of great value to assist people in their vocations and businesses, as she helps them see their assets and identify options they may have overlooked or been totally unaware of before. Through her insight and intuition, she has helped guide many business decisions into success and expansion by locating "hidden aces" they didn’t know they had.

  • First Wave Indigo Readings: Indigo Children/Young Adults are wired differently than other people and it can be difficult for them to understand how to make sense out of their world. Laura Lee's book Living in an Indigo House gives answers to the mysteries of their complicated lives. In these readings you can also get information on what some of your Spiritual Contracts/Agreements are, Who your spirit guides and guardians are, and encouragement in fulfilling your mission here.


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