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Pet Tails




For many of us, some of our closest, most trusted friends and family members are our pets. Whether it be a "loyal k-9," a "9-lifed feline," a "fair feathered friend," a "smiley faced lizard," or a "fresh water fish," these delightful life forms worm their way into our hearts and we feel a stewardship and connection to them that quickly turns into a bonding love.


When these family members get ill or anxiety ridden, we feel it too because….. well…… they’re family!!! If these loved ones are out of sorts, we know it….but are often at a loss as to what to do for them because we don’t speak their language, and we can’t find an interpreter. We may hear ourselves saying to them… "if you could just tell me what’s wrong, I could help you." These stress-filled conditions leave us feeling helpless and miserable too!


But wait, remember the story of the Dr. who could "Talk to the animals?" Maybe it isn’t just a story…..maybe it can really happen!



These were my thoughts when I began to take my empathic and intuitive capabilities to the animal kingdom. I figured it may even be a bit easier to work with animals because they don’t have the coats of psychic armor and debris that we humans put around us. So I started experimenting with our own dog and became quite proficient at detecting her needs and figuring out what was wrong with her when she acted like she wasn’t feeling well. I expanded this to my friends pets, and pretty soon I was working with several of my client’s pets.







In my office, some of our regular clients were a group of the local Nuns. One day, two of them and their dog, were in a serious auto accident and got thrown out of the vehicle. They were all suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or P.T.S… the dog included. When they brought their dog (a black lab) in to have me work on him, he was shaking, frightened, and walked with a limp. I quickly went to work adjusting his spine, shoulders, hips, and cranium… just like I would a "human people." Then I tested him for nutritional deficiencies, and found that he needed much the same supplementation that the Nuns needed. I cleaned out some of the fear in his auric field, and he began to settle down.


After about 6 weeks of this kind of therapy, the dog had stopped limping, stopped shaking, and was running, playing, and getting into mischief like he used to before the traumatic accident. (The Nuns however, took more time to heal and recuperate… maybe the dog knew something they didn’t about energy and self healing?)





The next pet tail I am about to tell is quite an outrageous one. The story is a true tale, and if it hadn’t happened to me, I probably wouldn’t believe it my self! It took place about 8 years ago, and it still makes me laugh!










A young couple that have been my clients for several years, were having a real problem with their cat. It seems that he would go around spraying their furniture when they were gone, and when he sprayed the Christmas presents and ruined a very expensive sweater, the couple knew something drastic had to happen. When they came for their next visit, they kept nudging each other, wanting the other to get the nerve to ask me if I could help.


(Now you have to understand that the wife was very left brained, and in the beginning thought all this "hocus pocus" her husband was doing by coming to me was totally unfounded and "out to lunch". She patronized him by coming with him once in a while, and eventually started having sessions herself and getting results. She gradually built up trust in what I was doing, even though it didn’t make much sense to her.)


Finally she said, "Alright, I’ll tell her. Our cat is spraying everything when we aren’t home and we can’t get him to stop… and we were wondering if there was something you could do. Do you want us to bring him in to see you?"

(And I’m thinking…. "Spraying cat, in MY OFFICE? Noooo… that's NOT a good idea!") So I said, "No, that’s O.K., I can do this remotely."


I began to tune into and scan the cat.....(Or what I humorously refer to as a "Cat Scan"). When I finally got the pictures and the information, I couldn’t help laughing! It was so funny to me, that I half doubted the accuracy of what I was getting!


I finally told the anxious and bewildered couple, "I know this sounds really crazy, but the cat doesn’t think he’s getting enough attention. Now, not the kind of attention you think a cat would want, no picking him up and petting him and holding him and saying ‘oh you oochie coochie kitty… we love you …kiss…kiss…kiss….’ I said, "The kind of attention this cat wants is that when he’s in your way, boot him out and say, ‘Get your furry heinie out of my way.’ And when he’s on the furniture, shove him off and say, ‘Get off the couch ya dang cat!’ ...and just ruff him up a bit… don’t hurt him, just be aware to deliberately push him around and out of your way!"


(This sounded so weird to me… never having owned a cat, but I told them what I was getting any way, and hoped they wouldn’t think I was rude.) The couple just sort of looked at each other and then the husband said, "Yeah, that cat isn’t much for cuddling, maybe this will work!


Wheuuu… I was glad that my bold honesty was received so well!

Several months later the couple came in for some treatment’s and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring up the subject of the cat or not… but my curiosity got the best of me, and I just had to ask. They said, "Oh yes, it was amazing, as soon as we did what you said, the cat stopped spraying. We haven’t had a problem since!"


All I could do was sit there, shake my head in disbelief, and then laugh. It was just too bizarre and funny to be true!










My next tail may sound like horse feathers to you, but it is also true! I was visiting a friend of a friend who had a champion race horse that wasn’t doing so well. He had been boarding at the trainers stables for several years, and the owner decided to bring him home so he could be with him and ride him. The horse acted like he was sick, and not feeling very well.


The owner, knowing my capabilities, asked me if I would take a look at the horse and make sure he didn’t have any injuries or other afflictions. I started to body balance him, "from head to tail" and I could tell that he was feeling the energy shifts by the way he was responding. Then I tuned into his emotional needs and discovered that he was "home sick." I detected that his trainer would talk to him, hug him, and bring him apples and horse treats. The horse really missed that and was feeling sad and neglected.


When I related this information to the owner, he sort of hung his head, kicked the gravel under his feet, and acted real embarrassed. Being the Macho Montana Man that he was, it was difficult for him to show this BIG BURLEY race horse that kind of affection. He finally said, "Aahhm, I da' know…. you’re probably right, I really haven’t been giving him much of THAT kind of attention…..and ….ya know, bringing him treats and stuff…… I just don’t do that." I suggested, "Well, what about your girlfriend, maybe she could do it for you…." (Now that suggestion appealed to him) "Yea….that sounds like a good idea, she likes to do that sort of stuff, I'll ask her tonight!"








And so another happy pet tail comes to an end. The last I heard the horse was doing much better and my Macho Cowboy friend got a grand lesson in the affects of kindness and affection…. (and also the effects of the absence of it!)

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