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Can You Take The




Who would deny that there are many awesome ways of altering our moods with a little help from various substances created in nature’s kitchen? Forgetting your problems by kicking back, relaxing, with good friends, good music, and a good glass (or bottle) of "Ascended Grape" is enough to give you "Warm Fuzzies" just thinking about it! Yes, these methods of mood alteration through outside chemical stimulation, have been tried and tested so many times, that it has moved from the boundaries of theory into the realms of absolute accepted fact!


With this experiment behind us now, we challenge you….no, actually We Dare You, to try something different this time, to boldly go to new frontiers in Party Hosting and create some Awegnargeous Beverages that are "non-alcohalic"! Are you brave enough to host a party that is AlcoHal-Free? Are you audacious enough to take a quantum leap of trust, thereby allowing the laughter endorphins from your guests to bombard the room, the air, and the drinks…… activating more mood alterations from deep inside, as you Eat, Drink and be very Merry?

Do you have the fearlessness
and the audacity it takes,
to take on the

"Non-Alco Hal ic Beverage Party" challenge?


We Double Dog…, make that


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