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First Wave Indigos

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Living In An Indigo House

The Children/Adults Who Fell Through The Cracks In Our Society


(The Following information is in this book by Laura Lee Mistycah.)

It has come to my attention, that over 85% of the "True Knights" on this planet today (including women) are "First Wave Indigo Chidren/Adults". They have been filtering into this planet for over 70 years, coming en masse (about 62 %) between the years of 1969 and 1987 and about 30% were born in the 50’s. I have been compelled to get the information that has been channeling through me about "First Waves" out to the world as soon as possible… but it seems that the dark forces of the Universe have been surrounding me, trying to sabotage my efforts at every angle. Through sheer will and resolve, I am overcoming their assaults and finding ways around and out of their traps. The book "Living in an Indigo House, The Heartaches and Victories of First wave Indigos" is once again starting to take form, in spite of the opposition.

During a meditation in 2003, it was revealed to me that The Knights of Mistyc House and The Knights Chat Room would be a forum to bring First Wave Indigos together for support, and global networking. I was given the instructions to get this information written, put these web pages up…AND DO IT NOW! (I stayed up all night in compliance to these orders to get this page written and posted.)

Here is a brief profile of what a First Wave Indigo is all about, and also some of the challenges they have had to over come. Hopefully this information will be of benefit and give some relief to you gallant Indigos out there, who have been searching for answers as to why your world is so different, so challenging and in many cases…"So Hellish!"

I would highly recommend investigating the Aurauralite - Aulmauracite Power Rock. These rocks, like First Wave Indigos, are not of this world. The Aulmauracite Rock, or "Stone Of Truth" can help stabilize, activate, and unscramble your information codes as you awaken to the truth of who you are and what your mission is here on planet earth.

Good Journey to all of you……I honor you, I respect you, I understand you, and most of all… I Love You!

~Lady Mistycah~

Living In An Indigo House
Where It All Started?

Where It All Started?

The Truth About Indigo Children

We have been hearing so much lately about "Indigo Children"…. new babies, toddlers, and children who seem to have what I term "Hyper Intelligence" mentally, psychically, and spiritually. These children are making their statements loud and clear…I am here…..Pay attention to me! ….. and people around them are responding to their voice.

But lets go back to where it all started taking shape, back to the 60's, back to the time of political, spiritual and sexual revolution…..a time when nothing would ever be the same again, a time when the earth took a major energetic shift….a time when our societies "rebels of the world" were starting to have children….a time when the music changed…..when Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, The Beatles, The Doors, Iron Butterfly, and Led Zeppelin created a new paradigm of lyrics and tone expression…..where an explosion of self induced drugs took people to spaces, places, and dimensions that are not of this world……(and sadly, some of them never returned…)

This is where things started taking form for the Indigo Ray.... Beings from another octave, same tones but a higher octave…a higher vibration...a higher awareness, and an entirely different perception! The ways of the lower octaves, though functional for the lower octave scale, just plain do not work for the higher octave beings, and the more you try to make them conform to the lower octave scale, the more resistance and frustration you get from both sides because….it just will not "fit" or "comply".

These beings are very brilliant and psychic….but many of them have been labeled by our education systems as "hard to teach" "rebellious" "slow" "dyslexic" "quiet" or even "retarded" because the current standard scholastic evaluation systems did not include tests that show the "true colors" of these extraordinary beings. The sad outcome of our inability to understand and cultivate the ultra intelligence of these Higher Octave Beings, is that they have been ridiculed, rejected, abandoned, outcast, and many of them became loners and recluses from time to time because there was no where to go but "inside."

The truth of it all, is that these phenomenal Indigos have been sent here by their own volition to change the planet's thought systems …the consciousness grid…. the entire structure. Our old outdated rigidity imbedded in this plane, with its heavily protected ignorance is now being abruptly transformed by those who embody the "Indigo Ray"!


First Wave Indigo Profiles

These are some of the qualities and challenges that First Wave Indigos experience. Most Indigos can relate to at least 90% of this list.

  • Were born en masse (about 62%) between 1969 and 1987 (With stragglers before and after - 30% were born in the 50's).

  • Highly intelligent in their "Own Way."

  • Are literally "wired differently" than other people.

  • Know in their heart and core that they are here “on a mission” but many don’t remember what that is or how to go about it.

  • Have an inner awareness that what is being taught in churches and schools is NOT accurate and know there are hidden agendas around the lies that are being accepted by the masses as “Truth.” This is extremely frustrating but inspires them to uncover the cover-ups and expose The Real Truth!

  • Have a strong sense of truth, ethics, justice and freedom. (That is why "authority figures" many times irritate and frustrate them). When these are in jeopardy, will give their "all" for their cause, and many times feel they would rather die than give-in to tyranny and deception.

  • Many have strong or unusual Psychic and Telekinetic abilities.

  • Have extraordinary levels of compassion.

  • Have purple/UV as their favorite color or see it in their dreams.

  • Have an affinity to Knights, Castles, and Dragons.

  • Shut down psychic abilities because it scares people.

  • Feel like they could be one of the characters on the 1980's television series "The Misfits of Science" or one of the young people in Xavier's school for the gifted in the recent movies from the comic books "The X-Men."

  • Many times get along better with animals and nature than people.

  • Have a bond/connection to the trees, and nature in general.

  • Can relate well to children and or the elderly.

  • Feel very comfortable lounging, and would rather sit on the floor on a pillow than in a hard, uncomfortable chair. (Would prefer sitting on the floor in school, and business meetings if they could get away with it!)

  • Are very attracted to soft natural fabrics in their cloths and fuzzy blankets are the ultimate!

  • Many times get very impatient when with someone who doesn’t “get to the point.”

  • Creative, inventive, and very intuitive.

  • Involve themselves in human/animal rights efforts.

  • Have an innate sense of connectedness to all of creation and "The Web Of Life". Get confused and disturbed when others don't share their reality.

  • High capacity for love, and therefore others may feel uncomfortable by their intensity.

  • Very sensitive, sometimes "Hyper Sensitive" and may not be able to distinguish between the emotional fields of those around them and their own personal emotions.

  • May go through periods of apathy and cynicism as coping mechanisms.

  • Intense longing for "their own kind"….Soul Mates…but don't know where to look.

  • Have what I endearingly term H.D.D. or "Hug Deficit Disorder" and need immense amounts of physical touching, hugs, and love to "cuddle."

  • Because of being misunderstood and then betrayed, may develop strong trust issues, and therefore keep many of their thoughts, feelings and opinions to themselves.

  • About 30% have difficulties expressing them selves, especially in writing. NOTE: If you read some of the poorly written correspondence from some of these First Wave Indigos, you would assume they were uneducated and nearly illiterate, but the truth is, that these same people can also be speed readers and can absorb information in seconds that would take others minutes to understand and retain.

  • Very disciplined when properly motivated.

  • Get bored and or frustrated in school.

  • Male Indigos (and many Females) for the most part don't "do authority" very well because most of the time they are smarter than those in authority.

  • Many find themselves in "Alternative Schools."

  • Female Indigos seem to be able to cope better with the school systems than their male counterparts.

  • Many are labeled "Dyslexic" and find themselves in "Special Classes" at school that usually never work for them.

  • Indigos have a strong desire to know "why" …and if they don't see "the point" in something, (or if is it isn't explained properly), will feel it is simply not worth their time/energy and will either react with resistance or just simply "blow off" the people/things that seem not worth their time and energy.

  • Innately have their own ways of calculation and many have been accused of cheating in school because they do the answers in their head and cannot show their work.

  • Indigos have an evolved awareness of how things work, therefore, many of the rigid rules and methods of learning Math, English, and Physics (NOT metaphysics or quantum physics) make no sense to them.

  • All First wave Indigos have what might be termed as "A Gift of Healing" ....whether it is making people feel better with their humor and wit, hands on healing, animal and plant healing, healing with music and tone, or healing with new "unproven" methods.. …some of which are natural and need no external training for.

  • Many Indigos have "Telepathic Healing" abilities and long distances make no difference to the efficiency of their work.

  • Because of their expanded perception, unusual creativity, wanting to try new things, and running way ahead of what is being taught in class, many were diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder, and put on Ritalin as children.

  • Most Indigo's (especially males) have a high innate aptitude for computers/electronics and or auto mechanics. It is common for them to "Just Know" how to operate and trouble shoot with very little help from a book or an instructor.

  • First Wave Indigo's are extremely creative, and express this innate skill in many (and often times OUTRAGEOUS forms.) These skills manifest in: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Decorating, Photography, Writing (in sometimes very extreme and unique ways), Making Blueprints and Prototypes, Composing and Playing Music….(even if they have never had lessons), inventing games, and creating new & more efficient ways of doing things.

  • Very few Indigos are interested in aggressive sports such as Football and Hockey. They would rather spend their physical exercise time and energy in personal achievement and outdoor sports such as track & field, skateboarding, mountain climbing, cycling, kayaking, etc. They are also attracted to discipline and self-defense sports such as Fencing and Martial Arts

  • Because of their feeling so foreign to this planet, a very high percentage of Indigos have been put on "Antidepressants" to make them appear "Normal" and fit in our society….this is just a temporary fix though, and only adds to their challenges.

  • Many Indigos are drawn to Theatrics, Drama, and Stand-up Comedy. In these venues they can "pretend to be someone else" when actually they are using this as an outlet to vent and express their own views and pent up emotions. It is also a place for "misfits" to find a place of refuge and "fit in".

  • Because of their feeling so "alien" here, many go through periods of severe grief, loneliness, and displacement…..and may turn to drugs, alcohol, or attempt suicide for a way out.

  • One trademark that a high % of First Wave Indigos have, is living through extreme hardships as children, teenagers, and young adults. Many were born into family situations that were physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically abusive. These Indigos had to figure out how to balance and keep their inherent integrity levels, while being subjected to painful and life shattering experiences. A large % were inplanted in such horrendous situations as: organized crime, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even ritual/cult abuse & mind control. It is also common for First Wave Indigos to have some kind of Alien encounters.

  • NOTE: There seems to be a Dark Agenda on this planet to keep Indigos from waking up and taking on the mantle of power they have inside. That is why so many Indigos have been sucked into such harsh and debilitating environments. The dichotomy is, that Indigos innately know that in order to transform the corruption, pollution, and dysfunction on this planet, you have to go inside to the core or mind of the system to know how it operates and thus how to change, alter and bust that system. Indigos came here to bring order and balance back to a planet in chaos…..and headed for distraction. I believe that Indigos are the 5th element that has come as part of "The Cosmic Clean-up Crew" to rid the planet of corrupted consciousness and physical/energetic diseases that are imprisoning, destroying and mutating all life forms here!

  • Many have been the recipient of "Shove-Ins" (see Laura Lee's books Living in an Indigo House and Got Ghosts??? for more information on Walk-Ins and Shove-Ins) because of their deep empathic abilities. This can add to the pain and insanity in their lives.


NOTE: Shove-Ins can be removed and taken to their proper place through a session with Laura Lee. You can also be trained to handle them yourself.


If you would like a Consultation/Psychic Reading with Laura Lee Mistycah to find out if you (or someone you are connected with) is a First Wave Indigo and how best to assist them, send an e-mail to with "Indigo Reading" on the subject line.

Click here for information on what you need to do to prepare for a reading. The Aurauralite Stone of truth is a must to have in your possession before a session.

In these readings you can also get information on what some of your Spiritual Contracts/Agreements are, Who your Spirit Guides and Guardians are, and also what some of your fields of expertise are that you may or may not have been aware of.

These readings are $100.00 per half hour and can be purchased in 15 minute increments on the Shopping Cart or by check. As a complimentary gift, the first 15 minutes for an Indigo Consultations are free.

First Wave Indigo Profiles

A Humorous List of Indigo Traits

This song by the rock band Creed, personifies our Knights and Lady Knights.

These are excerpts from the book "Living in an Indigo House, the Heartaches & Victories of First Wave Indigos" by Laura Lee Mistycah.


It all started one crazy evening in my Knights' Chat Room on "Indigo Night" when we were sitting around chatting about how "odd" we all were and how other people just didn't have a clue as to who we really were and how we thought. One thing led to another and one joke lead to the next, and then I got the bright idea.....Hey, lets do a spoof on Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a Redneck if"..... It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and humorous evenings I've had in a long time. Here is a sample of what came out of the chat room that night!


I have given credit to these creative authors by using their chat room handles. You don't have to be a psychic to figure out that these all have validity and most likely actually happened! < Frank S>You might be an Indigo ...If you try to explain what you are thinking to someone, and they look at you like a dog being shown a card trick.


<angelboy>You might be a Indigo if... you're arguing with yourself and someone answers. < Frank S>If you get in more trouble for being right than for being wrong, YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<sunwalker>You might be an Indigo... if you really think you can fly.


<angelboy>You might be an indigo if... you bring back an imaginary friend and he reprograms your VCR. <Yeshiva>You might be an indigo if get sudden urges to hug trees in the middle of Central Park and people stare at you like you are crazy.


<sunwalker>You might be an Indigo if ...your teacher calls your mom to have conference with her at school because you were talking to a man in the window that the teacher could not see.


< Frank S>If you're the one who the teacher says "Anyone else can answer the question but you", YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO! <Yeshiva>If u can see colors on people's head and can see things breathe even after hitting your head against the wall to make it stop... you might be an Indigo.


<Frank S>If the most common phrase people say to you is, "You're weird", YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<angelboy>If you take Prozac so often that you collect the dispensers because you think they will fetch you a profit on eBay, might be an Indigo.


<Frank S>If authority figures refer to you as a "walking disruption", YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<Yeshiva>You might be an Indigo if're caught hitting the table for ants to leave it before you clean it so you won't kill them all.


<Dean>You might be an indigo if end up being a street sweeper tidying up after messy people.


<Misty> Hahahaaaa, just one more job for "The Cosmic Clean Up Crew" <Frank S>If you go to a party, and you'd rather talk to the pets than the people there... YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO.


<angelboy>If you lay in bed at night trying to switch the light off by mental powers... you might be an Indigo.


<Dean>You might be an indigo ...if you end up having your wedding in a barn instead of a church.


<tmann>You might be an indigo... if you talk to your vegetables before you eat them.


<angelboy> If your unity candle goes out mysteriously at your own wedding... You might be an Indigo.


<angelboy> (... that's info you can all learn from)


<myah>You might be an indigo if ...a bird calls you outside at night to talk.


<Sunwalker>You might be indigo if...The rest of your family wonders if you were adopted.


<Misty>You might be an Indigo ...if your MOTHER wonders if you were adopted!


<angelboy>You might be an Indigo ...if you can confuse a cop after being pulled over to get out of a ticket...


<Dean>You might be an indigo... if you cheer and clap when the Ents from lord of the rings stick up for them self.


<Yeshiva>U might be an indigo... if you taught ur parents how to raise u.


<Frank S>If you collect books of "forbidden knowledge" like some people collect "Beanie Babies", YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<angelboy>If you have ever wished to manifest a fire ball and then change your mind because you may not be able to turn it off... You might be an Indigo.


<sunwalker>You might be an Indigo... when you bring home big rocks, and say "but mom, it followed me home."


<angelboy>If you find yourself arguing with your spirit guide because you didn't like what they had to say...You might be an Indigo.


<sunwalker>You might be an indigo ...if you eat Aurauralite.


<angelboy>You might be an Indigo if you no longer go by your birth name...


<tmann>You might be an indigo... if your friends ask you how you did something and you say, "I manifested it."


<Dean>You might be an indigo if ...for Christmas you asked your mother and father for a book on Physics and got a book on wrestling instead.


<little tiger>You might be an indigo... if you can actually see the elves from the Lords of the Rings novel all around you when you walk alone in the forest.


<Frank S>If you listen to microtonal music and "The Residents", and can't understand why others don't like it, YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<sunwalker>You might be and Indigo if ...Your family is glad when you go home to your own house.


<Yeshiva>U might be an indigo if ...u have complete conversations with fairies and unicorns, and say it out loud with "normal" people around.


<Frank S>If you compose songs in the key of D++, YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<little tiger>You might be an indigo if think you maybe could have been Paul in the "Dune" novel from Frank Herbert.


<Yeshiva>You might be an Indigo if u leave a cafe because the "energy was making u feel Uncomfortable."


<angelboy>If teletubbys scare the hell out of you... you might be an Indigo.


<Frank S>Heck, if television scares the heck out of you, you might be an Indigo!


<tmann>If you haven靖 watched TV in over two years, you might be an Indigo.


<angelboy>If you can remember the cabin # of your room on the titanic... you might be an indigo.


<Frank S>If you walk into a cafe, and find yourself listening to five different conversations simultaneously, YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<Misty>You might be if you have as many lives as your cat.


<Frank S>If you were fixing household appliances when you were five years old, YOU MIGHT BE AN INDIGO!


<sunwalker>You might be an Indigo if... you see the royal family as other than human.


<Yeshiva>If u look at the stars and talk to them sending messages to your "other family" might be an Indigo.


<Dean>You might be an indigo if spent the last 10 years in anger management.


<angelboy>If you can tell the exact time you got mad because your battery might be an Indigo.


<Misty>If the "powers that be" keep trying to destroy might be an Indigo.


<sunwalker>You might be an Indigo scare your Medical Dr.


<Adonis>You may be a red-necked indigo if you think the bottoms of broken beer bottles have crystal-like qualities.


<Frank S>You may be a red-necked indigo if try to rewire the refrigerator on the front lawn into a Tesla transformer.


<tmann>You might be an indigo... if you say "But captain, we don't have enough power!!"


<Frank S>If you're addicted to Star Trek you might be a nerd. If you are building a Star Trek warp drive core in you basement... you might be an indigo. .....and the list goes on. If you could really relate to this.....then you are most likely a "True Blue" FW-Indigo! :o)

(This book can also be purchased as an e-book.)

A Humorous List of Indigo Traits
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