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Unified Family Of

Sacred Human Beings

The Only Religion of Utter Non-Sense...

That Actually Makes Sense!


For A Donation of $105.00, You Can Be A Registered, Bona Fide Member of

"The Unified Family of Sacred Humor Beings."


Upon Acceptance Into This Prominent Community, You Will Receive:


  • An official valid membership show proof to yourself and others of your admission to this sacred society (in case of temporary amnesia.)

  • An authentic looking, convincing wall plaque/certificate validating your membership into this elite organization.

  • An original, one-of-a-kind, bumper sticker available only to members.


As An Authorized Member Of The Sacred Humor Beings Religion, I Honor And Uphold My Divine Right To Live By Our Sacred Code:


  • We laugh when we’re inspired to!

  • We sleep when we need it!

  • We honor ALL Life Forms, and try to see their view point. We do our best to understand their sense of humor!

  • We keep our bodies in the best condition possible, so we can be fully sensitized for enjoying a humorous life!

  • We reject any invasive technology from penetrating any sacred body part, or taking anything orally without our permission!

  • We congregate regularly whenever and wherever possible, to laugh and hold sacred humor space- - -(space being the operative word here!)

  • We recognize that fighting, combat, and war are not humorous; therefore, we reserve our divine right to refuse to participate!

Your donation of $105.00 or more to this Institute will be squandered and wasted in nonsense such as:

  • Books and Publications that enlighten as well as entertain and amuse.

  • Humor Healing Research.

  • Extensive Research and Development of new, cutting edge Humor parties.

  • Anonymous, tasteful "Gag Gifts" sent to selected Beings who are stiff, irritable, uptight and starving for humor and laughter in their lives.

  • Comic Relief Audio Tapes: WARNING! Each tape is void of cussing, lewdness and profanity. (We will not be responsible for the paradigm shifts, and reaction of people who previously believed that humor and vulgarity were synonymous, or had to accompany each other.)

  • Spreading random acts of senseless humor throughout the planet.

  • Creating a website for sacred Humor Beings to network and find each other, as well as a place where they can send friends to when they need a good laugh!

  • Teaching Sacred Humor Beings how to hold Sacred Humor Space for Themselves, the Planet, and Beyond!

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