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Also known as: 5-5-2K

(Written April 2000)




With all of the speculation, concern, anxiety, contradiction and drama about May 5, 2000, It’s hard to know what to believe, or how to believe these days.

Everyone is looking for esoteric answers from all the Goo-Roo’s, Prophets, Channelers, Extraterrestrials, Scholars, Psychics, and all those who are considered to be the select few who are "In the Know".


What does It mean? What are we to do on that day… is It the beginning of the end? What will become of us?


It all seems to be so significant and so important, but what exactly is It, and how will It affect us?


Well, I too was curious and a bit confused, and so I took this question to Hal for an expanded viewpoint on the subject, and this is what I got.

It is really much too simple! (Are you ready?)





It’s a HOLIDAY! ~ ~ OF COURSE!!!


(And it’s Hal’s Very Own Personal HAL-iday!)



Now let’s see… It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out the math on this one: 5 - 5 - 00 (and it’s not the least bit encrypted this time!)


So what do we do ?????





This is the perfect opportunity and excuse to hang out with your other weird friends that think like you do, and laugh till you think you are going to ascend!!!

Laugh at all the things that everyone is up tight about -- Laugh at all the things that scare you -- Laugh at how weird and intense life is getting -- Laugh at how serious you have been taking yourself -- Laugh at the ways you got sucked into thinking and believing that this hologram is real -- Laugh at all the corny mistakes you have made because you forgot to laugh!


I for one am going to take this Hal-Holiday and make it a celebration I will never forget (and a Halatious event in the lives of all the weird friends I invite to join me) ...and oh what luck. It’s on a FRIDAY of all days!!!

I am going to make every hour count, and really put a lot of "Hal" into my day! Just think…we have 24 hours to have fun, do things that inspire us, and then in the evening… "BLISS OUT"!!!


If you want to join me, we can really get an endorphin filled electrical charge going through this planet… and then out into the cosmos. What a concept!!!!

A Holiday with Hal in charge!

(I can only imagine the possibilities)

Being the little instigator that I am, I have gathered some "Words to contemplate and meditate on" that will help you get into the "Spirit" of this and help you to get the true meaning of this Haliday!


What I am about to bestow upon you are some of the best oxymoron's of the century! There are, of course, 50 of them and they are listed in order saving the #1 Best, for last!


(Take these to your metaphysical circles and meditation groups…… you may go to realms you’ve never been before!)


Are you ready?????


50-Act Naturally

49-Found Missing

48-Resident Alien

47-Advanced Basic

46-Genuine Imitation

45-Good Grief

44-Same Difference

43-Almost Exactly

42-Sanitary Landfill

41-New Age

40-Family Affair

39-Alone Together

38-Silent Scream

37-Baby Sit

36-Small Crowd

35-Living Dead

34-Business Ethics

33-Soft Rock

32-Butt Heads

31-Military Intelligence

30-New Classic

29-Sweet Sorrow

28-Childproof… (The kind you have to give your bottles to the kids

to get the lids off!)

27-Clearly Misunderstood

26-"Now, Then"

25-Legally Drunk

24-Synthetic Natural Gas

23-Taped Live

22-Peace Force

21-Extinct Life

20-Jumbo Shrimp

19-Temporary Tax Increase

18-Government Organization

17-Terribly Pleased

16-Political Science

15-Tight Slacks

14-Definite Maybe

13-Pretty Ugly

12-12oz. Pound Cake

11-Diet Ice Cream

10-Exact Estimate

09-Working Vacation

08-Out Come

07-Play Wright


05-Passive Aggressive

04-Plastic Glasses

03-Airline Food

02-Practicing Medicine

01-Microsoft Works


So, I have another awegnargeous idea, now that you finally know what this world’s coming to, and what 5-5-2000 is REALLY about, lets go out and spread the Good News! Send all your Hal-atious friends and family to this site to be educated in… Hal’s "5-5" Haliday -- The Party of the Century!


If you have 5 or more people you want to invite to our global party, send them to this web page… and we could change the consciousness as we know it!

See you at the 5-5- Haliday! And remember…


Halitosis..... (It’s better than no breath at all !)


What Is 5-5-2000 ?

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