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Kryahgenetics Facilitator Guidelines










As outlined in the book Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets Of Human Alchemy, the training program for Kryahgenetics is a very personal and internal one. By the time you are ready to be a facilitator, you must have read both Kryahgenetics and Kryahgenetics II several times, as well as other suggested reading material, and been through diversified schools of "Hard Knocks"… which is not something Laura Lee can or would want to teach! When you have been through these other intensive training courses, and come out of them with your positive attitude, self-reliance, and humor still intact… then you are a qualified candidate for this training.


Please read again the list at the bottom of page 16…  and if you feel you wouldn’t get sucked into the fear triggers that are associated with some of these experiences, and you are honest about it… then you are ready to facilitate for someone else.

The following is a suggested guideline for learning this process.


  • Have your own personal Aurauralite pendant and 2 rocks.

  • Purchase "The Knights Training Course" and do each class several times.

  • Have 2 one-hour sessions with Laura Lee, 

  • Take 3-5 weeks to process and digest the information. Go to your internal teacher for further education.

  • Have 2 more one-hour sessions with Laura Lee

  • Take 3-5 weeks to process and digest the information. Go to your internal teacher for further education.

  • Have I more one-hour sessions with Laura Lee, 


At this time, the utmost honesty and integrity are to be used in evaluating whether or not you are seasoned enough to meet the challenges that may come up when facilitating. If you feel that a few more sessions would be in order, that you need more tutoring, then that will be arranged. This decision is between you, Laura Lee, and most important…your internal teacher …your Soul-Suemah.

This is a very unique and new type of system where you use honesty, impeccability, and honor to decide your strength and position. As stated in the book, there are no diplomas, certifications, licensing etc. There will be however, an authorization card signed by Laura Lee stating that you have apprenticed under her and have her confidence and support to facilitate Kryahgenetics for others.

There is a lot of flexibility in the way this training will work.


As far as cost goes, Laura Lee charges $200.00 per hour for her work, and if a session goes over time, the time is calculated in 15 min. increments. (She is always willing to make payment arrangements.) If you know someone that would like to have a session, and would not mind you being there to observe the session, then they can pay for that session and everyone benefits!

If you need any more information, please contact us at:


Mistyc House

816 West Francis #244
Spokane WA. 99205

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