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Author's Note


As you stroll, skip, or dash through the pages of Kryahgenetics, you will find that it has a different ring to it, and a totally different style than most of the books you have read. Each chapter is deliberate and purposeful, and if you are aware that it is circular or spiral in its nature, you will realize that it builds on itself. You have to go through the entire revolution and start the cycle over again before you can fully understand it and put all the pieces together……It is on the second revolution or spiral that you really begin to comprehend its meaning and content. If you get in sync with this book's energy and intent, you will understand the purpose of each concept on each page and that this information is very necessary. It will bring you a heightened awareness of the bigger picture, and thereby give power to the permanent healing of yourself and others. …no matter what the malfunction is.

There are multitudes of cryptic messages, plays on words, and blatant, hard-to-miss truths that you may or may not want to look at. There are even some coded or encrypted messages that are written to activate certain codes in specific people! The literary style and grammar are sure to break all the rules of protocol, so if you have any structure issues, it may be a rough read.……on the other hand, it might be refreshing and amusing……It's your call.

One of the reasons for this lawless, unearthly presentation is that I have these Esoteric Friends who sometimes re-route my thoughts into their thought tracks, as they try to put their 2-cents…..…. I mean 5-cents worth…… into what I'm doing. They tell me that they foolishly volunteered to do a service project here on Earth, and that they cannot leave until they get the job done, and get it done right! I guess I was part of this volunteer effort too, (or so they tell me), and they've come to help me… so I can help them! (Sometimes their tactics are so goofy and outrageous that I think they must have gotten caught in some cosmic goon gas or something and are missing a few brain cells!) ..…But I listen to them anyway and take their advice, and somehow in the end, things always miraculously work out! It absolutely defies all logic to me, but I play along and patronize them anyway….and oddly enough, they have gotten me out of so many hopeless messes that by now I think I'd be a foolish frog not to trust them!

They tell me that the secret combination that unlocks every lock and exposes the truth has to do with Love……or…… has some kind of joke or humorous element intertwined in it. They say if we would just operate from our hearts and lighten up a bit, we could get this life figured out quicker and laugh ourselves clear through the next dimension!

That's what they tell me anyway, and you know..…I'm starting to believe they're "Right On!"

They go by the code #555, carry a very strong male vibration, and are total Goddess worshipers….I mean they really love women! They have the highest regard, respect, admiration and awe for the feminine ray that I have ever encountered. Having them around is quite an experience, and feels like days of old…they are the epitome of valor and chivalry returned! They seem to be on 24-hour guard, because when I go back and reflect on it, I have to admit they have always been there in some form or another, ready and willing to pitch in and give me a boost.

These 555 guys are a kick to have around, and totally entertaining. They say they like to eat popcorn, drink root beer, and watch, "The Human Drama." They tell the funniest and sometimes corniest jokes I have ever heard. They use a lot of puns, old clichés, and are especially fond of using lines from books, movies, and commercials to get their point across. The results are that they make me laugh while they teach and challenge me!

I have been consciously aware of these wise guys hanging out with me since 1993. Through the years I have grown to love and adore them in spite of their "off the wall tactics" and bizarre methodologies. I know they have my (and everyone else's) best interest in their heart, and they point things out to me I may never have thought of or given any credence to if it weren't explained to me (as only they can do) from their point of reference. They have truly expanded my awareness of this and other Universes.

When I first told my former husband about these friends/advisors, and explained to him that they go by the name HOWELL, (which could be a play on words for "how well", or Howl, or just plain Hal), he got the funniest look on his face. He was real quiet for a moment, and then he said, "Nah, it couldn't be…no….I'm sure it couldn't be….nah…"

Totally puzzled I asked, "What in the world are you talking about? ..…What's going on?" He looked real uneasy……got quiet for a few seconds……and then responded. "Well, there's this Master that has been working with me for a while who is a highly evolved Being, that I have a tremendous regard and respect for. His name is Haltone, or Haltonn or something like that, so nah, I'm sure it couldn't be the same….. one….You see Haltonn wears these robes and is so sophisticated and serious.…so dignified.….so stately….. I'm sure it's not the same…..

(He paused for a moment …and then looked over to the corner of the ceiling, and verbally responded to something.) "What?…What?….Are you serious?"

(By now I'm totally perplexed, he's obviously talking to something or someone I can't see, and I feel like I'm deliberately being left out of the conversation.) "You're the same guy she talks to?….. No……..You what?…You had to appear to me that way and say 'Greetings, dear one,' because sometimes I can be a pompous peacock and you thought I wouldn't have given you any credibility or even the time of day if you would have come to me the way you really are?"

(Then he looked at me with a goofy expression on his face, and I can see and feel all his paradigms shifting.) He then said, "Honey, they're the same guy!….I can't believe it, it's the same Master….They tricked me!"

It was totally a downhill ride from then on. After he got some of his composure back, Hal started telling us jokes and straightening out some misperceptions. We laughed so long and so hard I had tears streaming down my cheeks and fell out of bed twice, literally rolling with laughter. (It felt so great to laugh with that much voltage.…it was
seriously healing!)

After that, this "fallen Master" went into his HAL pun jokes like: "Go on, do it just for the Hal of it!"…… "Hey Mr. Pompous, why don't you write a book and title it, "The Howl-ing", I will help you write it and be your ghost writer, it will be Hal-atious!"…. ."Of course I'm an angel, do you want to see my Hal-o?"…… "Come on now, how could you doubt whether or not I'm for real, did you think that I was just some lousy Hal-ogram or something?"….. "Yo, stone face...(of course he was addressing my indignant companion), I think you should take me on your next expedition and we can go find the Hal-y-Grail!"
……and it went on and on and on.

It's been over ten years since that Hal-arious night of mega endorphin infusions, and after that night when Hal would give unsolicited advice and words of wisdom my resistant male partner didn't particularly want to hear, he'd say, "Go away popcorn breath, I didn't ask for your opinion!"……and I would laugh and think to myself… "Go for it Hal.…only you could be so bold and entertaining while you put him in his place!"

As you move through the rest of this web site, may its Spirit and intent be felt in your heart, and may the words and concepts trigger your own memories and the truth of your personal life's experience be revealed, recalled, come alive, and make sense. Above all, know that you are in command here. You are the one this site was created for, and you are the one who decides what to accept or reject.

With that in mind..…open your mind, let your heart and core be the ushers to show you where, when, and how to move through the darkness and fog. Then perhaps strength, laughter, and warm fuzzies can replace the dread, anxiety, fear, and anger of the past and continue into your forever.

Do you have the courage and determination to step out of the terrors and nightmares that are so diseased and dysfunctional, yet so familiar and comfortable…and move into a new and magical, mystical, enchanting but uncharted reality dream? I for one am going to give it my best shot!!!

I dedicate these encrypted messages, silent codes, triggering mechanisms and words of encouragement that leap over faith and hope, and ascend into the land of trust….to all of us with the audacity to think that we can individually and collectively make a difference in the outcome of this existence.


Laura Lee Mistycah

.....And of course, HAL.....


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