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Our information, products and services - whether in person, over the phone, via email, or through electronic or physical products is not
- and is not intended to be - medical or psychiatric treatment and/or a replacement for such treatment of physical, mental, or emotional health challenges.
Our products, services and spiritual advice are not a substitute for professional healthcare and is not intended to replace
your doctor, chiropractor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or any other health care professional.

Any healing or enlightenment gleaned from the information on MistycHouse.com GhostBusterGals.com or FirstWaveIndigos.com
(or any of their mirror/sister sites) or from direct correspondence with Mistyc House or Laura Lee Mistycah personally
is purely the responsibility of the recipient.

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If you would like your International Orders expedited with Express Shipping
for approximately $10.00 - $30.00 more, contact us at business@mistychouse.com
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Mistyc House Store Front - by Café press
Kryahgenetics Egg Items - (click on “shop by collection”)


New Release of Kryahgenetics 2nd Edition!
- Available NOW! -
Digital Version Released Jan. 1, 2014 - Paperback Edition Released Jan. 10, 2014

Click on Book for more info!

Autographed Copy

Spiral Bound Edition
(lays flat for easy reading)

~Allow 72 hours for E-Mail Delivery~
(We usually get them out within 24 hours)

Got Ghosts???
The Bizarre But True Tales of
The Ghost Buster Gals
Plus A Do-it-Yourself Ghost Busting Guide

by Ronnie Rennae Foster & Laura Lee Mistycah

This book will give you practical information on how to deal with "Things That Go Bump In The Night" and other "W.S."
(....you will just have to read the book to find out what "W.S." is.)

$22.00 Book Store Price

~Internet SPECIAL~
(Autographed Copy $20.00 + Free U.S. Shipping)

(Autographed Book + Shipping = $40.00)

Digital Copy on PDF $13.00
~Allow 72 hours for E-Mail Delivery~
(We usually get them out within 24 hours)

Ghost Busting Sessions with Ronnie & Laura Lee
Ghost Busting appointments can be arranged - on site work or remotely.

It is important that you have your complimentary grid rocks set up,
or purchase either an Aulmauracite Rock or an Aurauralite Pendant prior to the Ghost Busting session
because it creates an environment of stability and shortens the amount of time required. (See rock pictures below)
Go to the Aulmauracite pages for more info.

Initial Consultation Fee $150.00 (1/2 Hour to 45 Min.)

Ghost Busting Fee $250.00 Per Hour
(Use donation button to make payment after Ghost Busting is finished)

Private Sessions with Laura Lee Mistycah

Indigo Adult Readings - Spirit Guide/Guardian Readings - Earth Contract Readings
Implant Removal Sessions - Time Line/Soul Retrieval Sessions
Kryahgenetics Sessions - Psychic Readings - Medical Intuitive Readings

( ~ At this time, Laura Lee only gives private sessions to First Wave Indigos ~ )

Click HERE for instructions on setting up a session.

If you feel you cannot afford a private session, you will find that once you get an Aurauralite pendant or rock,
there is enough FREE and PRACTICAL information on FirstWaveIndigos.com, the Knight’s Discussion Forum
and MistycHouse.com to offer extreme assistance you can’t get anywhere else.

Contact us at business@mistychouse.com

$200.00 Per Hour (or $50.00 / 15 min. Increments)


Mistyc House/Knights of Mistyc House Donations
(& Unified Family Of Sacred Humor Beings "Senseless Donations" )

(Suggested Donation $25.00 - but any amount appreciated! :o)

Living in an Indigo House,
the Heartaches & Victories of First Wave Indigos

This book is a first step into understanding the Indigo Nation on planet Earth.
Indigos were trained in the Ultra-Violet Realm’s “Cosmic Special Forces Academy”
and are here on assignment as a part of the Cosmic Clean-up Crew.
First-Wavers are now adults who have been on the front lines battling the seen
and unseen dark forces and “powers that be” that have been consuming this planet.
This book will give you information and inspiration to continue the quest for balance, justice and peace.


~Autographed Copy~

The FW-Indigo E-Book
is available in PDF format NOW for $15.55.

(Allow 48 hours for delivery to your E-Mail box)

Aulmauracite Power Rock

Power Rocks are weighed by the gram, (10-gram minimum.)
You may select your personal Power Rock by the weight you feel is best.
If there are no rocks in stock at the weight you ordered, you will be given a rock at the closest gram above what you requested,
at no extra charge - OR - you will be given an additional 1 or 2 gram rock to make up the difference.

NOTE: Our supply is limited, so if you are not ready for blatant Truth & Justice, or if you are just curious about them,
then DO NOT Purchase these Rocks or Pendants!

~ Please be mindful that these unique rocks take much time and attention before they are shipped. Each piece has been hand processed.
They first had to be broken into smaller pieces, weighed, tested for strength & crumbling, sharp edges filed, and then wrapped and packaged. ~

CAUTION: Don't allow any plastics or synthetic materials to encase your "Pet Rock."
This advanced life form gets smothered by these un-natural materials and will go dormant!

NOTICE: ~12-1-2012~ Since the rocks like to go in pairs,
each rock ordered will be accompanied with a complimentary smaller “companion” rock.

Also with each order, a complimentary set of 5 tiny Power Grid Rocks wrapped in tissue for a house grid will be included in the order
+ a set of larger "Town Grids" for some place in your town you feel needs a good dose of "Truth & Justice!"

Placing a Town Grid is a "Service Mission Requirement" before you can have a private session with Laura Lee.

These rocks have sparkling Aurauralite dust on them which was not picked up in the photo. The pictures do not do them justice.
-Rock Sizes from Left to Right -
10 Grams - 20 Grams - 30 Grams - 40 Grams - 50 Grams

$5.00 per gram

(10 grams minimum - Miniumum order $50.00)

Please Select Weight

~New Item~

5-Star Rocks for Star Meditation
(12-15 grams total)
Instructions: Lay down with arms and legs spread like the Vitruvian Man, with a rock in each hand,
one between the big and second toe (or what ever toe fits) on each foot,
one on top of your forehead & a pendant on your chest over your Core-Star.
Imagine yourself in the center of a Kryahgenetics Egg. (See Pic below)

Take a deep breath and tell the egg to “turn on” -- watch/feel it suck the debris out and neutralize it on the shell.
Now you are in position for deep, internal understanding & transformation.


Power Grid Rocks are Back!

This vial contains approximately 5 grams of Grid Rocks that can be used to grid your house, yard, town etc.
(We wrap ours in colorful tissue paper, twist the end like a piece of candy
and thumbtack them to the wall to make sure they don’t get moved or vacuumed up!)
There will be 5 bigger stones at the top which can be used for the famous "Star Meditation."

If you would like a silk cord to make a necklace out of it, or to put on your car's rear view mirror,
please indicate on the order form the color you would like.

5 Grams - $30.00

NEW! Larger Grid Bottle
Holds approximately 8 Grams of bigger Grid Rocks

8 Grams - $40.00

Aurauralite Black Cord Pendant

Aurauralite is the dust that is shed from the Power Rock. It is sifted and funneled into vials made of lab grade, boro silicate glass.
The cord it is tied to is made of silk, and corked with real cork. We are doing our best to keep all synthetics and plastics from surrounding this magical E.T. life form

Note: The bags we use now are white muslin


Aurauralite Sterling Silver Pendulum

This alluring piece of jewelry, although it has many functions, was specifically designed for pendulum and dowsing use.
The Sterling Silver box chain was chosen for its aesthetic quality, and to make it more functional for dousing.
Because of its beauty and function, it makes a great gift, as it is a rare and valuable jewelry piece!
Note: The bags we use now are white muslin


The Lady’s Code

Limited Edition, signed and numbered on parchment paper, ready to frame or mount onto your own scroll,
is a compliment to The Knight’s Code.


The Knight’s Code

Limited Edition, signed and numbered on parchment paper, ready to frame or mount onto your own scroll.
This code was given to Laura Lee Mistycah by "The Lady of The Lake" in 1998.


~Knights Training Assemblies~

New Locations Coming Soon
(Indigo Books & Aurauralite Rocks Available At Trainings.)

Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets Of Human Alchemy

Original limited-edition manuscript (Only 1,000 in Print) by Laura Lee Mistycah (and Hal) is a lighter,
more humorous yet dynamic approach to alchemy and the game of earth life.
In this book you will find the secrets of transforming your reality
and also some of the reasons for the absurdness and insanity in this world.

You will be given encoded keys to restructure your life
and bring the power of love, humor, and stability into your personal reality.

This Limited Edition is now sold out.
A revised Second Edition available now - See top of page!

Halarious Surprise Party Packages

Each package is unique and comes with instructions and everything you need for an unforgettable party.
There are three different Surprise Parties to choose from…..but don’t ask what’s in them….we can’t tell you …it’s supposed to be a surprise!

NOTE: Party Packages are currently out of stock. Contact us for further information.

The Unified Family Of Sacred Humor Beings Membership

The only religion of utter nonsense that actually makes sense.
Comes with membership card, official certificate, and bumper sticker.
Proceeds will go toward senseless acts of random humor.


(Membership can only expire if you do!)

Click here to download Application/Registration Form

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Mistyc House
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