"The Home of Love, Laughter, and Healing"

If you are interested in some of the healing modalities we have to offer, select from the menu below for further information.

Every methodology used here is a form of Kryahgenetics. Even Reflexology can be a Kryahgenetics procedure if done with the correct focus, knowledge, and intent.

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Kryahgenetics Sessions

Kryahgenetics Facilitator Guidelines

Body/Organ Scanning
      for deficiencies and blockages using Kinesiology

Rapid Eye Therapy

Directional Non-Force
     Muscle-Skeletal Balancing

Electro-Magnetic Debris Sweep/Release

Deep Tissue Compression/Stimulation


Telephone Consultations:
        Remote body scanning and healing transmissions
        Remote pet scanning and healing transmissions
        Intuitive advice & guidance for physical and emotional challenges
        First Wave Indigo Children/Young Adult counseling & guidance

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