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Laura Lee Mistycah

NOTE: Due to the rising number of First Wave Indigo Knights waking up and needing support, Laura Lee has become extremely busy. At this time, she can only take on 2 or 3 new clients a month, as each client takes time and energy for her to personally assist. Also, she ONLY offers her "Private Sessions" to First Wave Indigo Adults. (If you would like a quality psychic reading, we highly recommend Ronnie Rennae Foster, Laura Lee's Ghost Buster Partner. You can contact her at and read about her at .)

~The best way to set up readings is via e-mail.

~YOU MUST HAVE an Aurauralite pendant or rocks to work with during your session. They can be purchased from the treasure chest (shopping cart) below.

~It is important to grid your house (or your bedroom if this would be more appropriate for your living situation) before your session.

* To help each FW-Indigo become more self-reliant and to make sure they are serious about working with Laura Lee, a FW-Indigo not only has to have Aurauralite/Aulmauracite in their possession and have had time to actively work with it, but they also need to do a service project by gridding their town or a place in their town that needs a good dose of “Truth and Justice!” (We supply a set of 5 house and 5 town grid rocks complimentary with your rock or pendant order. If you are doing a MAJOR grid, let us know and we will send you an extra one for that specific grid. :o)
Placing grids helps catapult you into your mission as a UV-Realm Knight and is also a huge service to the rest of the Indigo nation and the planet!

~If you are having a Session you MUST read:

* Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy- This book is filled with not just useful information, but vital information... (And since Hal helped write it, it is really funny too! ;o)

*The FW-Indigo Traits and send Laura Lee your reply to how each one does or does NOT apply to you, plus a picture and any information about yourself that you feel is important.

*Articles #1 through #12 on the Table Of Contents page of plus as much of the rest of the site as you can.

*You also need to have a good visual image of this Kryahgenetics Egg (print if necessary) for a short meditation at the beginning of the session. This will insure the most efficient use of our time during your session. (Meditation can be found on this page under the picture of the Kryahgenetics Egg.)

*For more instructions on how to prepare for your session CLICK HERE

~Laura Lee schedules both day and evening appointments. Readings are $200.00 per hour but can be purchased in 15-Minute increments for $50.00 each. Most first time readings take at least 45-60 Minutes and can be purchased from the Mistyc House Treasures Shopping Cart below.
(When you purchase your FIRST session, the first 15 minutes of THAT Session are complimentary. :o)

~NOTE: If you are living outside the U.S. Laura Lee does sessions via which is a web chat that is much more secure and stable than skype. Her screen name is LadyMistycah

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If you feel you cannot afford a private session at this time, you will find that once you get an Aurauralite pendant or rock, there is enough FREE and PRACTICAL information on, and and her Youtube Channel to offer extreme assistance you can’t get anywhere else.


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Spiritual Contracts / Agreements for this life time Readings

If you have been confused and frustrated, wondering and searching for exactly what it is that you came to this Earth to do and be … have come to the right place.

This reading will assist you in finding your "Earth Life’s" purposes. When the information is unveiled, you will know if it is true by the peace you feel and how it resonates in your core. You will have a sense of freedom, and an excitement and passion for what has been revealed to you. You will gain clarity and motivation where there was once confusion and frustration. For Profiles of a First Wave Indigo Knights, click here. "First Wave Indigo Adults" .)


Guide and Guardian Readings

Discover how many Guardians and Spirit Guides you have at this time, and also what Realms or Kingdoms they are from, (such as the Dragon, Fairy/ Elemental, Animal, Mystical Animal, UV-Realm Buddies, etc.). In some cases, "Spirit Guides" can even be pets that have passed over to the other side, gone to the appropriate "Guide School", and are now Assigned/Volunteer to come back and help you.

Find out which ones are Full Time, which ones are Part Time, which ones are Temps, and which ones are Permanent….. and most of all, find out exactly what they CAN or CANNOT do to assist you.


Medical Intuitive Readings

If you have questions about your health or that of a loved one, this reading will be very valuable to you. Information on the status of body parts / organs, and also the cause of physical symptoms can be accessed. You can also find out what to do to reverse the symptoms and revitalize the body. If there is a need, Laura Lee can do "Remote Healing Transmissions" to balance the body.

(See Body/Organ Scanning & Muscle-Skeletal balancing in the Mistyc House of Healing web pages)

This information can also be accessed for infants and pets.


Time Line Therapy/Soul Retrieval

Sometimes when we have experienced physical trauma or severe emotional pain, we can leave parts of our selves or our essence stuck in the "Time-Space" of that particular incident. We go on with life and feel a void, an emptiness … something is missing. That is because IT IS MISSING! This "absence of self" can cause many different types of malfunctions and can be carried through this life as well as past existences.

Laura Lee has developed a thorough yet enjoyable method of retrieving and reinstalling the lost aspects of your self. The results of this process bring miraculous healing filled with in-depth self-discovery, and plenty of "Ah-Hah's!"

If you would like one of these sessions, Your Aurauralite pendant or Aulmauracite rock makes moving through the Time-Space Continuum much easier and brings truth to any misperceptions of the past. It also is a unique protective tool that will keep your journey safe, secure, and focused, with minimal interference.


Metallic - Organic - Psychic Implant Removal

There are different types of implants you can acquire, which are used for tracking, monitoring, and controlling people's thoughts, emotions, and actions on the planet today. Some of these implants are useful and put there to assist you, but most of them were designed to control you, and many times make your life a living Hell! Some of these implants need special treatment and have to be dismantled in a certain order, similar to disarming a bomb. Once these are properly dismantled and eliminated, and your authentic essence restored, total transformations take place as sovereignty and freedom are restored. Laura Lee has had many varieties of personal experience with implants, and has figured out stealth full methods of successful implant removal. Having your Aurauralite/Aulmauracite present to assist in this process is mandatory.

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It is mandatory that you purchase either an Aurauralite pendant, and or an Aulmauracite rock to have with you during the session. Information on this "Stone of Truth" can be found at:

Laura Lee has been in the holistic healing and consulting field for over 30 years, and developed several cutting edge healing techniques that have assisted hundreds of her clients in relieving physical, emotional, and spiritual pain and suffering.

*For more information on Laura Lee’s back ground in spiritual, psychic, and healing disciplines, visit the rest of this site at

* Natural healing information:

*Laura Lee also does Ghost Busting!

*First Wave Indigo Profiles:'s-code/Indigos.htm


In November 2002 I learned I was a First Wave Indigo. The journey back to my true self began there. I spent all my spare time exploring and learning about who I am and why I am the way I am. In Oct. 2003 I had my first reading done by yours truly, Laura Lee Mistycah. This helped me to move onto the next part of my journey.

She confirmed a few things I knew I wanted to accomplish in this life. It is always nice to know you are on the right track and have conformation of that. The reading also gave me new avenues to explore and gave me focus. I feel I have a tool now for divining my future, and healing my past. I have a tool for decision making. I have a tool for personal growth. Most importantly, I can now see my life's purpose.

Laura Lee is phenomenal in her gifts. I strongly recommend her readings, indigo readings, or one of her Kryahgenetics healing sessions. It has been my experience that sometimes the past is too painful to remember, and through Kryahgenetics the monsters are extinguished without having to relive their terror.

Adele S.
(Indigo) - Television News Photographer

Laura Lee is beyond a doubt a very gifted woman/individual. Her openness, lack of rigid dogma and humor inspired a trust in me, which I have found hard to come by in this "esoteric" field.

During my session with her she brought forth information that would be difficult if not otherwise impossible to obtain from other sources. She was able to skillfully discern current challenges in my life with such ease, clarity and grace that I was both amazed and for some strange reason amused. She acknowledged personal qualities/ tendencies/gifts of which I was already aware and numerous others of which I had suspected and possibly even secretly hoped but was not completely certain of. She was able to delineate in a very clear and concise manner personal and professional goals, or longings if you will, of which I have rarely spoken of, but have held very close to my heart.

She also discussed different techniques which I could use to acknowledge, activate, and empower the Goddess energy within. Being a woman in a predominately male oriented profession can be quite difficult. I have found that many colleges have disregarded the importance of the Goddess energy in maintaining the overall balance. Many have been sold out on the belief that attempting to copy the male energy is the only way to succeed. She honored and glorified the importance of female energy in the overall scheme of things.

There was so much information given during the session that I am glad I wrote it down as quickly as I could and as she had requested because now, more than four weeks later as I re-read the notes, I understand and appreciate them more fully.

Thank-you Laura, for sharing your Light, Love and Laughter with me and the rest of the world. You have assisted me in more ways than I have acknowledged.

Sigrid. P.

I receive such clarity of information and insight when I get a channeling from Laura Lee --- enough so that choosing a direction from objectivity is easier and more balanced. I have also received healing from Laura Lee, and I can easily recommend her expertise to those with an open mind and positive intentions.

J. White B.A., RMT., D.D.
Holistic Counselor

I heard Laura Lee on the Jeff Rense show on the Jan. 30th broadcast. I started crying as I listened, saying out loud "I do belong somewhere." My life finally started making sense. I went to her website's Indigo page and cried some more as I read, as all of the criteria applied to me, except those relating to male indigos.

I immediately scheduled a session with her, and it reaffirmed at the deepest level of my being that yes, I belong. I am an indigo. I laughed more in those two hours of our session than I have in the last year. Every one of my soul contracts makes perfect sense, and falls right in line with my eclectic interests and studies over my 49 years. I have always worked at jobs that felt like menial, degrading work, well beneath my abilities while pursuing what interested me on the side - metaphysics, music, dance, "fringe" scientific theories, working with nature. The years of wondering why I chose such a dark, abusive childhood are ended now. It all makes perfect sense, and all serves a higher meaning and purpose. I now celebrate who I am rather than wondering why I've always felt like I was stripped naked and hung out to shiver naked in the wind. A person learns a lot about how the dark operates while immersed in it, especially as an apparently powerless child. A person learns a lot about the corporate mentality while working as one of the invisible drones. I have worked for lawyers for 15 years, mostly as a legal secretary. It has been a great way to see parasitization and the hierarchical mind in operation, from the inside out.

What a relief to be remembering now what my real work is, my true purpose. It no longer concerns me that what compels me to become all that I came here to be, is not acknowledged, valued or validated in any way, in a world that runs on greed and lies. To speak the truth, without judgment is a great freedom. I have gone from often feeling like "what's wrong with me, why am I not like other people?" to "oh boy, what new things am I going to remember/discover today within myself, and how to apply them in practical ways to being of service to myself and to the planet?" The true beginning of my spiritual awakening after years and years of searching!
Thank you again Laura Lee!

Carolyn C.
Legal Secretary
North Carolina

Laura Lee's Indigo Reading has been both helpful and refreshing for me. Before the reading, I knew I was an Indigo, but I was always asking, "what now?" It allowed me to put some perspective on being Indigo. I am now able to flow through life knowing that the things I experience do have purpose and that one purpose is to learn my gifts as an Indigo. Laura Lee intuitively creates a list of these gifts during the Indigo Reading. The list she creates is mind-blowing, yet somehow believable. For example, one item on my list is Mineral Kingdom Assistant. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to communicate to minerals and to use them in healings; however, because I seem to have an affinity to stones and gardening, it was actually quite believable to me. To conclude, I would recommend Laura Lee's Indigo Readings to any Indigo that wants a better perspective on their own Indigoness. I have no doubt it will prove to be worth every minute.

Lena K.
(Indigo) - Postal Worker

I have worked with Laura Lee over the last several months both with Kryahgenetics and readings. I have come to consider Laura Lee to be one of my spiritual counselors, not only because of her abilities, but also because of her integrity, warmth, caring, and the fact that she is grounded, clear, and focused on helping her clients become empowered in themselves.

My work with Laura Lee, whether it is Kryahgenetics or a reading, is always illuminating and supportive. I recently made a major life change, and the support I received prior to and since making that change has been absolutely integral in helping me to transition smoothly, and to expand into "more of me."

I feel very, very blessed in having this kind of support!

Integrative Health Clinic Manager

I spent the first 24 years of my life knowing that I was different and did not fit into this world. Then I discovered I was and Indigo, and started the journey of remembering who I truly am. The remembering gave me my purpose, and my indigo reading with Laura Lee helped give me direction.

The reading helped to start me on a path of finding and exploring my giftedness and true self. It also helped to validate messages I had previously received from other elders and my guides.

Laura Lee is a terrific and loving Indigo elder and teacher. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a way to start their own journey of self-discovery.

K. Pruitt
Customer Service Rep.

Laura Lee is a visionary spiritual healer and guide. She has helped me look behind appearances and subterfuge and into the core of the complex energies that govern my interpersonal relationships.

Laura Lee's insights, uncompromising yet compassionate, have helped me to see the larger landscape of my life. She has directed me away from investing time and effort into battles I cannot win. More importantly, she has on more than one occasion cast sudden light on exciting new possibilities within reach but needing only recognition, courage and resolve to actualize.

Trial Lawyer

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