Infinity Resources is the place where my friend Bruce Tainio plays in his laboratory. Bruce is in my opinion, one of the top regeneration researchers/scientists/inventers we have on this planet today!

Jonathan Goldman: Musician, Author, Teacher, and Sound Healing Researcher…..has a site that you won’t want to miss if you are interested in tone healing. His recent release of "The Lost Chord" has had such a deep effect on me it is hard to explain. I have been listening to this C.D. non-stop for weeks!

Gage Taylor & Uriel Dana are the wondrous artists who painted the enchanting picture on my home page entitled "Honoring The Goddess" They are celebrated world wide for their visionary art and sculptures.

One of the finest artists on the planet in my opinion, is Jonathon Earl Bowser. His Goddess art is out of this world, literally. I believe that he has actually been to some of the cosmic realms he paints, and plan on comissioning him to paint "The Goddess of Mistyc House" for our Knights Castle!

The works of Sir Laurence Gardner, "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" & "Genesis of the Grail Kings" contain evidence that our religious history has been deliberately manipulated. This bold and well documented series would indeed qualify as "Brave Books."

"The Tragedy In The Workplace" by Danna Beal, M.Ed. Her approach is that the workplace is a drama, and the ego is usually the director! The steps on how to change the scene and script were given to her at all hours of the night from spirit, so she kept a pen and pad by her bedside, (and hope she could read it in the morning!)

If you are ready for a mind altering experience that can transform your state and perception, you have to see the video by Jean-Luc Bozzoli. His work with computer generated videos is "out of this world!"

Some of the finest crop circle research and calendars are rendered by my friends Michael Glickman and his research partner Patricia Murray. Patricia has even "felt" a crop circle in the making, just yards from where she was sleeping!

Dr. Evelyn Paglini is one of the last of her kind. Her feisty boldness, power and strength truly make her a "Legend In Her Own Time". Her essential oil blends, candles, herbs, and instruction tapes, will help you bring back The Magic into your life!

One of what I believe to be the most integrity filled, hard working, highly respected radio show hosts in the industry is Jeff Rense. I have been interviewed on his show several times, and have gotten to know him personally. He is just as nice and honorable in real life as he is on the air. If you want the "Real News" can find it here.

Charles Lightwalker and Serena LaSol are phenomenal healers that have been brave enough to work on me during some of my darkest hours. I owe much to their kindness, willingness and ability to help me when no one else could or

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