The Simple Secrets Of Human Alchemy

A limited edition manuscript
By Laura Lee Mistycah
(& Hal)

(Sold Out)

New 2nd Edition Released Jan 2014

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This limited edition manuscript (only 1000 printed) is personally signed by the author and after the books are sold out, will be a collector's item.

"Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy" is a practical approach to alchemy and quantum physics. This humorous, yet profound self-help book will keep you amused while you address your present challenges. You will gain remarkable insights and tips for transforming the traumas of the past. Kryahgenetics was written to assist you on any level of your spiritual development. The manuscript is also encrypted with ancient codes utilized to trigger personal cell memory activation.

During her many years of research and practical application Laura Lee has found that the tone frequencies and chemistry generated during laughter are very powerful catalysts for the alchemy of restructuring distorted/corrupted energy and holographic fields of the body. Once memories and emotions of anger, guilt, helplessness, despair, grief, revenge, or fear are addressed objectively and neutrally, you can then resolve and dissolve these debilitating states through laughter and the ability to find the humor in the experience. This will return you to a state of peace and command.

Laura Lee Mistycah covers a multitude of subjects on how to heal every aspect of our lives, and have fun and use humor while we’re rejuvenating. Inside the pages of this unique book you will find chapters with such diversified titles as: Walk in’s and Shove in’s- Money, money, who’s got the money?- Soul braids, Soul mates, &Twin flames- The 5 types of Beings on our planet- Adapters- Lexigrams- Who’s afraid of the big, bad, ego?- Laugh ah genetics- and "The Knight’s Code".

Her work with humor healing research resulted in founding "The Unified Family Of Sacred Humor Beings," (the only religion of utter nonsense that actually makes sense!) Information on this subject is found toward the end of this book.

Kryahgenetics is a book you will want to read over and over again.....each time finding new discoveries about yourself!


Laura Lee Mistycah is a seasoned practitioner, empathic, lecturer, researcher and developer in the field of holistic health and regeneration, and has recently established a new cutting edge hands on education system with her Advanced Healing Modalities Labs. Her research intensified when her mother (age 53) began taking on the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, and died in a rest home 10 years later. From Laura Lee's investigations of the psychology and neuro-distortions involved in this ailment, she has been able to help others correct and regenerate from these same symptoms! Laura Lee has helped hundreds of people master their physical and emotional challenges (many which were deemed as "incurable!")….. with her hands on techniques as well as over the phone.

One of the things Laura Lee has also been noted for is the spontaneous healings and sense of well being that occur when she does speaking engagements and phone consultations. Whether it is the tones in her voice, or her ability to emit healing energy, this phenomenon surrounds her.

Laura Lee is the mother of 4 children, which has given her many opportunities on a daily basis to "practice what she preaches!" She has also taken her talents to the pet kingdom with great results!

Laura Lee is an advocate of bringing out the best in people, and a rekindler of love, romance, and chivalry. One of the most important responsibilities she feels she came here to do on this planet is to be the Steward of "The Knights of Mistyc House." Her work as Steward is to activate the "Modern Day Knights" from all over the globe, to help bring back chivalry, honor and impeccability to our societies.


It takes an interesting person to write an interesting book. Author Laura Lee Mistycah is one of the most interesting people I've met, and so is her new book, Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy. In her book, she doesn't talk down to the reader, she doesn't talk above the reader, she talks TO the reader!

"...Kryahgenetics is a methodology by which we can remove the blockages of pain, suffering, guilt, and fear that impair our ability to access or move through the heart and unite soul-ly with our Higher Selves!" writes Laura Lee.

Laura Lee believes that we were all given the blueprints to correct anything...if we could figure out how to find them and read them. For instance, "Why in this world do we have to get senile, decrepit, and crotchety when we get a few years under our belt?" Kryahgenetics answers your "why" questions and does so in a straightforward, usually humorous way. That makes Kryahgenetics a delight to read from an informational perspective as well as an enjoyable thing to do. There are two reasons that account for this delight. One is that Laura Lee has been facilitating the practice for years. The other is Hal, the esoteric source of all this wisdom.

Together, Laura Lee and Hal offer the means to recognize negatives and difficulties...and then find the solutions deep within our Selves. We read, "And if you get caught in one of the intersections of Dysfunction Junction...go back and read the rules...they may have been written just for you!" Kryahgenetics has those rules.

Laura Lee and Hal, you will find, give us the means to discover and enable. This is a book you'll want to read again and again because each time you'll get an even better understanding of Self...and everyone else!

-Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Review-Senior Editor

Mistycah gives us an entertaining and in-depth view of the Gift of Kryah. From the feminine perspective, we are shown practical applications for the enhancement of our everyday life. This is a lighter and more humorous rendition of the understandings of Kryah that will serve as a guide for the awakening Goddess in you or if you are an awakening male who wishes to understand the Goddess.

-Arizona Networking News

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