What is the Knight’s Code?
(…..and where did it come from?)

I Now Bring You The Tale Of….


(An Excerpt From The Book Kryahgenetics)

"Howdy partner! Glad to see ya’ could make it! Now why don’t ya’ take yer’ boots off there at the door and come on in and put your feet up!

Here, have a cold sarsaparilla and make yer’self right at home there in the rocking chair. We have a visitor here a yackin’ with us, who’s not from around this neck of the woods, and he’s a tellin’ us some stories that’ll make yer ears curl!

Go right ahead there, Mr. Hal ………You were a tellin’ us about those whacha-ma-call-its….….those attachment doohickeys……."

"Thank you pardner, and could you be so kind as to give me another round of sarsaparilla before I continue? Yeah…..that’s good, fill’er right up to the top there. Thanks..….ahhh root beer is my favorite drink you know!

Now, I was tellin’ you about the attachment doohickeys that many of you place on each other. This is a very common practice here, and this practice is darned near practiced to perfection! These attachments get stuck inside there, and sort of like pine gum on your britches, it’s hard to see it until someone points it out to you…….and then you have a devil of a time getting it off!…….unless you can figure out what to use to dissolve it! ….…So these attachments are a lot like that…….sticky, gooey, and really tacky if you know what I mean. They’re also comparable to a pit bull or a strong magnet; they’re really hard to pull off unless you know what the trick is!

These Attachments really are magnetic in nature, and are methods a lot of people are using down here to plug into each other. The way I look at it, it’s pretty darned goofy once you understand how it all works, and your shrinks would surely label it….extremely dysfunctional!

You know, where I come from, this place you folks are living in is sometimes referred to as, "Dysfunction Junction." Life Forms come from all over creation just to watch and try and figure out ways of helping the folks here get out of the muck and the mire they get stuck in. (Which seems to happen nearly every time anyone even gets near the place!)

They have to be ever so careful and alert because, in their efforts to help through observation and transmission, some of them go too close to the borders……and get sucked into the muck themselves!….And the muck makes you lose your senses, makes you sort of "titched in the head," if you know what I mean, and then you become part of the muck too! (….unless you have the guts, the focus and the strength inside and out to pull yourselves free!)

One of the most prominent ingredients in this "Dysfunction-Junction’s" muck, is the Attachments they get themselves into, when what they’re trying to do is make Connections!

…….Have you ever been witness to a relationship where it seemed like things were pretty lop-sided….where one side or party was constantly ready and willing to do everything and anything it took to keep the outfit going……and do it with bright eyes and a bushy tail? (…..kind of like a cross between the volunteer fireman and the Energizer Bunny?)

On the opposite side, the other party was constantly in demand of time, energy, resources, and attention..…..And this dynamic continued day after day after day until…..well…. Even Energizer Bunnies, if used on a constant basis, will slow down and lose the spring in their hop! Their little batteries will start to lose their charge and to look at them you’d think you’re about to hear their final drum beat.

Then just when you think he’s hopped his last hop, the other party gets the old charger out, or comes through with a brand spanking new battery! (This can come in a variety of ways…i.e., a good dose of guilt, a hunk of intimidation, and even a quantity of benevolent acts that seem so good you’d think the tide was turning!) ……But it reeks of deathbed repentance, and just like a wooden nickel, or a barn with no roof….most of the time it’s pretty useless!

This scenario plays itself out over and over and over again, each time with the absorbent soaking party getting smarter and more calculative till they have this rebound system down to the precision timing of a Swiss clock!….And in the meantime, the Energizer Bunny wears his hoppers out, the drum has gotten a hole beaten into it, and the spring inside that makes him hop, has lost its "boingity-boing!" The Bunny has used up all its resources in his efforts to "make things work"…..and now he’s about ready for the recycle bin…..because even when he’s on his "last leg" he wants to be of service.

Now let’s get a little bit real here. Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?…. (Is there a right and a wrong here?)……Can you figure out what the morals are to this sad Bunny "Tail?"

Well, the way I see it is, you have a classic case of "Attachment-itus" going on here. If you take a look at these diagrams, you can clearly see that one side of an Attachment doesn’t have the capacity to give, only draw, take, and absorb. I really can’t use the analogy of a sponge on this one, because even a sponge will give and release what it’s absorbed…when it’s squeezed!

Compare this with the diagram of the Connection, which is also magnetic in nature, but the flow of energy is not one side pulled or sucked into the other one, like the attachment where one side totally overpowers, or "clings onto" the other. A Connection is completely different with its synergistic flow of giving and receiving simultaneously…. the ultimate standard to gauge any relationship with, especially the ones entitled "significant other."

Since a picture’s worth 1000 words, I’ll let you study this one and ponder it yourself to find your own personal interpretation……..that could easily go beyond words!


Another prime ingredient in this "muck" is the absence of COMPASSION in PASSION! Many relationships get sick and die because either there is no passion in their relationship, or the passion that is there, is void of the consideration and caring elements in compassion and the Feminine Ray. When this absence occurs, the only thing left in the forceful motion of this enthusiasm and this intense excitement of the Masculine Ray is unmonitored rage and violence!

And so it is with the lust portion of passion. If not laced with love and consideration and caring….the thrilling, exciting…..And the potential of spiritual expansion as well as many other possibilities are overthrown….and again, the only things left for expression are RAGE AND VIOLENCE!

If this part of the muck keeps growing and expanding its borders, it will swiftly move in and destroy all life in its path, like the giant nothing in, "The Never Ending Story."

No wonder love and romance seem like they’re so foreign and distant….and something that only happens in Fairy Tales! There are very few living examples of this kind of relationship left at "Dysfunction-Junction" and if something doesn’t happen fast, the muck will take over and totally dominate this place!

I heard a comment on the streets there at Dysfunction-Junction that made me chuckle. It was from a woman who said, "Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just that women have hogged it all!" Is there some truth to this?

What we need here to set it all straight, is to balance the grid…and in order to do this we must have some "White Knights" somewhere in the midst of all this muck. White Knights that can see clearly and feel the distress signals they’re right in the middle of….. and then have the strength and vision to do something about it!

We have to create a permanent solution to this icky situation, and one of those permanent solutions is that we have to have strong, benevolent women strategically placed, who are willing and able to be the dream-weavers….to create the dream of a balanced synergism between male/female……..and then hold firm to the vision of male/female synergism ……especially when confronted or challenged!

There also has to be in this dream, the vision of reinstating compassion in the passion. A vision of men and women who release their Attachments, and then change their prongs so they can only plug into Connections.

This is the only way you can ever work as a synergistic unit!

Most important and imperative, there must be an impeccable vision of love and romance backed by emotion as a constant item in their lives. This vision needs to include honor, integrity, and trust as the foundation for every creation, physical and nonphysical. (I know this is not an easy task, but nevertheless it is possible!)

At the center of this new web of life, are the kingpins that can put it all into proper order. These kingpins are the elements that can weave the spells to change it all. And who do you suppose these kingpins might be?……The Master Creators…of course!

These are the valiant women who have the audacity to stand on the front lines and fearlessly change the movie script. These are the bold women who can release their own anger, resentment, grief, and suffering, and can reinstate wholeness, unity and clarity within themselves. In this new position of strength, power and wisdom, they can then start believing and trusting in the Masculine Ray again, believing in men and in their ability to conquer the "muck," the "giant nothing!"….Which begins to a great extent through the nurturing and re-educating of their own sons!

These Kingpin women need to unite and support one another as they create and sustain a new, unpolluted vision of camaraderie, love, and unity with their male counterparts …..without getting discouraged with the multifaceted, multilayered damage that has been done.

They must know that they are the Master Creators here, and that whatever position they have found themselves in, they skillfully created, in a grand plan to understand and educate themselves as to the intricacies of the pollution and distortion of this dysfunctional juncture! Each woman created different scenarios in her life, to bring her the wisdom of the internal workings of the fractures and illusions in this place. In this position, all of her experiences….Every Single One!…are of value and service to her!

As these kingpins sift through the rubble of their own life, and use these experiences to empower themselves, they will then have the knowingness within themselves, that they have the power and tools to fulfill their contracts and sacred agreements. They will know that they have what it takes to call up the memories of their commitments to come here to this dysfunctional mess and be the first to assess the damage. They will remember how to use their feminine intuition to know where to start, and how best to proceed, to clean up this mess permanently with love….which incidentally, may seem to be "tough love" at times!

Then we need to have all strong, brave men everywhere, take hold of this vision, knowing that they’re being supported and assisted by the kingpin dream-keepers, and hold onto this vision as they put it into action and form.

We need our men to have the strength and courage, to take their previous distorted images of how things should be, and burn and release them, in order for the new vision to stay pure and unpolluted.

We need our men to take that giant leap and believe in themselves again, as they trust in the dream-keepers and in their abilities to be the Master Creators that they are, and thus create a new paradigm….a paradigm that holds them close to their hearts, and keeps the dream from collapsing.

Then and only then will these REAL MEN, have the excess amount of courage and trust in themselves that it takes to be able to conquer and tame the distorted beasts of the Masculine Ray within!

There you have it folks, the true-life story of a place you know all too well. It’s all up to you now.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but know this………

A spy from outside has just infiltrated the security systems of "Dysfunction Junction," out-swum the alligators in the moat, scaled the walls, anesthetized a few guard-dogs along the way, and was able to sneak this information to you before it could be confiscated! It’s safely in your hands now, but time is speeding up so you’ll have to act fast.

We have time to change the dream before it becomes a perpetual nightmare, but we don’t have time to put it off….…or pretend it’s not there ……..Denial on this one could be lethal!

Before I put my hat and boots on and head for home, I want to share a very impeccably timed decree that was recently made. This decree was intended to, and is……changing the consciousness grid……and very well, may just change the outcome and the destiny of "Dysfunction Junction" (if enough Ladies and Knights get this message in time!)

For all you hopeless romantics out there, I say to you now,

….."Give up your hope and trade it in for trust……because some new situations have been set into motion ……and if you’re really as desirous for true romance and chivalry to return ……(free of the muck and the mire of the past) as I think you are…….. Then get ready for some serious action…..."

"Here Come The Knights!"



"The Knight's Code"
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