On June 15,1999 it became apparent to me that one of the most important contracts I committed to do in my life, is to assist in the activation of the Knights of this planet in modern times. It was revealed to me that in order to accomplish this sacred and essential commitment, I had to create and oversee an actual authentic association for this to manifest.

That association is none other than.....


The Knight’s of Mistyc House is powerful and sacred brotherhood/sisterhood of qualified men/women 18 years of age and older, who understand the Knight’s Code and are willing and committed to live by this impeccable code.

As steward of The Knight’s of Mistyc House, I pledge to administer careful consideration of each application before selecting and submitting them to the association of Knight’s for final approval.

Upon approval, arrangements will be made for the new Knight to attend a ceremony to be dubbed and knighted into this futuristic order. During this ceremony, the new Knight will commit himself/herself to the Knight’s Code in verbal declaration before witnesses, as well as in written promise with his/her signature.

My commitment to the Universe, is to search all the lands of this Earth, for qualified NobleMen/women to join this chivalrous order of modern day Knight’s... A quest that could change the course of history... A quest that could bring honor back to the Masculine & Feminine Ray... A quest that will be a grand visual aid to men & women everywhere... that Knight’s really do exist!

The Knights Of Mistyc House

What Lies Ahead