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The Lady Saves the Knights…..

Story of the ceremony on the new moon of Aug. 2000, that freed and activated the hearts, souls and memories of Modern Day Knights.

A Call to Knighthood…..

The challenges and rewards of being a Modern Day Knight.

Where are the Knight’s Dragons?

Dragons are real, and after the ceremony done on the full moon of Dec.11, 2000, you may find out for yourself just how real they truly are!

The Knight's Initiation Ceremony….

How the ceremony is being revealed. Why Labyrinths are the center of the ceremony….and the ceremony is in the center of the labyrinth. The Knights in Lady’s bodies and how they are honored. The Music……the Mystery ..…and the Magic of the ceremony.

The Knight's Creed…..

A creed created by the Knights, for the Knights. (This creed may expand and evolve as the association of Knights expands and evolves.)

Financial Superiority…..

Superior meaning excellence, not better than. Why a Knight is not afraid of taking charge, distributing, and having stewardship over large amounts of currency.

In Memory of Sir Adam Yonck…..

The honor and celebration of a Noble Knight who volunteered to leave this plane on Oct. 29, 2000 and serve his fellow Knight’s and Lady’s from "Behind the Waterfall". Adam had a transformational Kryahgenetics session with Laura Lee Mistycah less than 48 hours before his passing. During this session it became apparent that Adam had been an honorable warrior lifetime after lifetime and definitely qualified as one of "The Knight’s of Mistyc House". At the end of the session, life altering information unfolded which caused an eruption of permanent spiritual transformations within him. He told his wife, "This was what I was waiting for to complete the last chapter of my book. I understand my pains from Vietnam now, and this will free other warriors from their pain too!" Laura Lee has been asked to assist in the completion of this soon to be published book written by this beloved Knight who brought Honor to everyone and everything he encountered…including his international corporate agreements and contracts.

~Lady Mistycah~

Knight School……

A complete training facility for Modern Day Knights.

Curriculum Includes: Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Sacred Geometry, Labyrinths, Psychic Ability and Intuition Activation, Mental Focus, Identifying and Permanently Removing Addictive Behaviors, Composure, Healing Arts, Martial Arts, Tyrants and History, Star Fire and the Holy Grail, How to treat a Lady, Tantric Mastery, Physical Fitness and Nutrition, Social and Cooperative Living, Feng-Shui, Survival Training, Living the Knight’s Code, Global Networking with Knights Around the World, Emotional Debris Clearing with Kryahgenetics, Detecting and Re-Wire the Damage done by "Black Widow Spider Ladies"……(Light Destroyers)

NOTE: All True Knights have had close encounters with these beings as an initiation to test their true Knighthood and sense of self…..and sometimes the memories feel like that of a war zone complete with Post Traumatic Stress syndrome. These damages must be understood and corrected before Knight Initiation.

Knight Line

On Line Chat. Talk to honest-to-goodness Modern Day Knights about their lives, their modern day battles, and their victories.

Knight’s Profiles

We will be posting biographical sketches of all of our Knights, as well as a few exemplary Knights in training. Some of the Knight's profiles will include their picture. In some cases, because of the sensitive nature of some of our Knight's personal lives, their photos and identities will be concealed. To facilitate this, all of our Knights will carefully select their "Knight Name" and be known to us by that name.

How you can support the training and Noble Quests of

"The Knights of Mistyc House"

How to offer Financial support, Networking, Volunteering, Press Releases and Media Attention, Grant Writing, Donations, etc. NOTE: Here are a few items we would graciously accept being donated for the Knights Ceremonies and School.

*Cash Donations

* The initiation sword….(See picture and information at this address)

*The custom designed hand painted Labyrinth…(see examples of this work at )

*Computers, Software, Printers, Scanners, Copy Machines, Office supplies, Sound Systems, etc.

The Knights Of Mistyc House

The First Knight