The First Knight.. .. .


It is with deepest sorrow, we announce that the First Knight, after careful consideration, felt he was unworthy for his title. On Dec 29, 2000 he voluntarily relinquished his position and vacated his post. Action has been taken to dissolve his Knighthood. We wish to thank him for his past and continued support in our global efforts.

Let this be a visual image for all Knights everywhere considering application to our noble organization. Knighthood is not an easy path, and new requirements will be implemented so that this history does not repeat itself. We are working on a revision of the Knights application, and there will be stages of training and observation before full Knighthood is endowed. These requirements and levels of excellence will be posted soon, and we reserve the right to update and change the requirements when we deem necessary and proper.

Understand that the Knight School will be a training center for activating and performing the skills of a true Knight. Each Knight will be required to understand and implement these skills in their lives and take action to improve upon them. It is not a requirement for every Knight to master every training class offered…but to have a working understanding of each category, and then choose several to excel in.

It is mandatory however, to live, honor, and uphold
The Knight’s Code!



To all the potential Knights everywhere…..

We know you are out there…..

and we know that you know who you are!

Step forth now, and fulfill your destiny!

It is time to unmask yourselves,

and be the Knights you truly are!


Take whatever action necessary to prepare yourselves for this position of full Knighthood. Your commitment to yourself, your fellow Knights, and the Ladies are needed on this planet at this time!


Listen to your inner voice and remember who

and what you were born to be.....……

It is time at last………

Now Own It!

The Knights Of Mistyc House

Knights In Training