This song by the rock band Creed, personifies our Knights and will be a part of the Knight Initiation Ceremony. As a new knight walks into the center of our custom designed Labyrinth Of The Knights to take on their vows of Knighthood, they will be accompanied by this song and selections from "Quest of the Dream Warrior" by David Arkenstone.

The Path of Modern Day Knighthood is not an easy one, but it is the path that some of you who are reading this will (must) take, because the memories of your authentic self and your soul are pressing you to do so. May you respond to this call for action and let the journey begin now. This webpage is dedicated to YOU…..the noble men and women who have the strength and courage to live the truth of what you are inside… and leave fear, social consciousness and ridicule behind.

~Lady Mistycah~

I spent a day by the river
It was quiet and the wind stood still
I spent some time with nature
To remind me of all that's real

It's funny how silence speaks sometimes when you're alone
And remember that you feel
Again I stand against the Faceless Man

Now I saw a face on the water
It looked humble but willing to fight
I saw the will of a warrior
His yoke is easy and His burden is light
He looked me right in the eyes
Direct and concise to remind me
To always do what's right

Again I stand against the Faceless Man
'Cause if the face inside can't see the light
I know I'll have to walk alone
And if I walk alone to the other side
I know I might not make it home

Again I stand against the Faceless Man
Next time I see this face
I'll say.. .. . …

" I choose to Live for always……"
"So won't you come inside And never go away!"

Music by: Mark Tremonti/Scott Stapp
Art by: Reuben Kynaston