Laura Lee's Paranormal Pics

Here are some pictures that were taken 04-01-03 of my 1990 Grand AM. Just to give you a little background on this car, it was purchased from a scrap yard in Oct. of 2002 for $400.00. Because of the excellent shape of the interior and body, my friend and I thought it was a deal! We figured that we could put a little money into it and sell it for it's blue book price of $2,200….. So we put in a new battery, alternator, tires, muffler, and a few other minor things. It also took a lot of sanitizing and cleaning inside, as it had a horrible stench in the trunk and back seat. We got it smelling nice, turned the key over, and it started up. Waahooo!

Then things started to deteriorate. When we went to take it for its inspection at the sheriff's department, the engine light went on. Not knowing the history of the car we weren't sure what it meant…..if there was really a problem or if it was a faulty switch on the dashboard. On the way home we stopped off to get its fuel emissions test .....and it failed miserably. A little discouraged we brought it back and were making plans to get a new catalytic converter when we got the feeling that maybe we should just get rid of it.

After putting an ad in the paper I figured we should start it up to make sure it was still drivable. Well, I think you already guessed it… wouldn't start. After closer inspection, we discovered that the engine block was cracked….it now needs a new engine! The value suddenly decreased several hundred dollars. Since I will be moving soon, I was feeling a bit desperate to just unload the thing because it is now undrivable, it has no license plates and will have to be towed wherever it is moved to.

We called another scrap yard that at first said they'd buy it for $275.00 ….then told us they would only give $150.00, and now they say they can only give $100.00 (Is this starting to sound like a monetary black hole to you???) So I get this urgent message from my friends Spirit Guide that it was now imperative that we get the car OUT of my garage as soon as possible.

We had already taken out the battery and any other parts we thought we might need for my other 2 cars, and my friend thought it would be a good idea to take a couple of Polaroid pictures of the Grand AM, just for memorabilia sake. ….(which now I'm thinking is a play on words for "Grand Damn!") He brings me the pictures and I said jokingly….."Yeah…..I bet there are ghosts in the picture….right?" He said "Take a look at this!"


You might say that the camera was juggled, Ok, perhaps it was, but in the picture on the left there seems to be a double exposure on the front end of the car, but it is ONLY on the car…not around the car, but only on the front end…not even the wheels are affected.

These pictures were taken about 5 minutes apart…. Thinking he might have moved or jiggled the camera, my friend took the second one leaning on the inside wall of the garage for stability. The second picture looks like there is an image of someone with bent legs laying against the hood and windshield!

My curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to do an experiment and see if having different film, on a different day would make any difference. I purchased more film for the Polaroid and took these pictures on 04-03-03. I had my friend try to emulate what he had done before when he took the first pictures. The sun was setting, the skies were overcast…in fact it was raining but not cold enough to make fog.


When the picture (below) started to take form and I could see the "lights in motion" I said, "Ok, lets turn off the overhead light and make sure that it is not just some sort of light glare." .....I was doing and experiment here and wanted to cover my bases. The picture on the right was taken about 2 minutes later with the hanging light shut off. I was blown away when this picture developed… me, there was NOTHING that looked like thick fog in the garage!


After this thick fog inundated the last picture, I had my friend take another one. It looked semi normal and then......

I began to wonder what would take shape if I were to get in the picture….All the fog was gone, but look at the little spiral or creature looking thing that is hanging on my head. My first impression was that the image was a baby Dragon. I enlarged the picture for your closer inspection.


After reviewing the pictures over and over, it was evident to me that the second picture looked like someone was laying on the hood with their knees bent and their head up past the windshield. I automatically put up my antennas and tuned into it. I was not surprised when I found there was indeed a ghost connected to that car so I quarantined him in a Kryahgenetics Egg while I opened a portal. When the ghost saw the portal, he got excited, so I released the quarantine and the egg opened. He saw the egg open and bolted toward the portal. I mean he literally ran and then did a flying leap into the portal head first! It was the darndest thing I have ever seen. He knew exactly what it was and was not taking any chances of it closing before he could get in. I figured that this was probably the REAL reason I had purchased the car, to help this poor soul who was so ready and willing to “take the leap,” but for some reason couldn’t….he needed some help….my help.

This picture of my bedroom was taken in 2001 before I moved from that house. I had engaged in some very intense meditations, ceremonies, and magic in this room. There were hundreds of glow in the dark stars, planets, and meteors on the ceiling, walls and mirrors. I strategically placed several black lights to enhance the mystical environment…and when my candles were all lit….the room was "Out of this world." I just loved to spend time there listening to Jonathan Goldman's "The Lost Chord" and going to other realms.

Before I moved (which was under extremely stressful and sad conditions,) I decided to take a few pictures to remind me of the happy times I spent there. When I got this picture back, all I could do is shake my head in disbelief. I was not surprised at the light emanating vertically from the ceiling and floor. What did surprise me was the column of an "absence of light" on the left side. If you look closely it looks like there is a wooden trap door on the ceiling going to an attic. The only problem with assumption is that there is NO attic access in that room, and what appears to be a wooden trap door is NOT there! All the walls and ceiling are pure white! It looks as if there is a wooden molding around the corners of the ceiling on the left side…which is NOT there….the only wooden molding was on the floor!

I had been under severe psychic assault at that time by several different sources…(Sort of resembling a "Class Action Suit" …Like there was a call from the Dark Lords of the Universe that said, " Hey…lets ban together and take her down, we all have different expertise…lets do it all at once and assault her from every direction!") ……That time in my life was nothing short of a living Hell…..I lost everything I loved..…my house, my 2 dogs, my car, a lot of my personal possessions…..Basically I was homeless... (but the thing that hurt the worst was I that was that I had to give my kids back to their dad and wicked stepmother!) I had sensed that there was something not quite right on the left side of the bed…but was so involved in moment to moment survival that I didn't have presence of mind to figure out what it was and how to remedy it. I believe that what you are seeing is an inter-dimensional portal from some very dark places. When I scanned and meditated on this picture, it all made sense as to how some of this energy was getting through to me. When I figured out what it was, I worked diligently to seal lit up before I left, so it would not hurt the next family that moved in.

More Stories To Come...