Ronnie Rennae Foster (Angel Girl)

Ronnie has her B.A. in Psychology. She has been the President of the Spokane Chapter of The Twilight Brigade/Compassion In Action since 1998. Under the auspices of Dannion Brinkley, world-renowned author of Saved by the Light, she is also a Certified National Trainer for that organization, teaching volunteers how to assist Veterans in hospice wards, and provide a loving presence at the bedside of the dying.

Immersed in the world of metaphysics and spirituality for over 30 years, Ronnie was elected three times to serve as president of the Metaphysical Research Society of Spokane. She is also an Editor, Teacher, Empath, Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Ordained Minister, trained as an Emergency Medical Technician and Ghost Buster.

Ronnie gets her inspiration and insight from the Angelic Realm. Utilizing telepathic communication with Angels and Archangels, she is able to channel through information to help people on their spiritual path so they may reach higher levels of consciousness and make better choices for the evolution of their souls. She also teaches workshops on how to develop the intuitive skills to communicate with guides and Angels.

Contacting and conversing with souls that have previously made their transition to a higher dimension is an ability that took Ronnie years of hard work and meditation to develop. By implementing this gift, she can facilitate healing and assist with the grieving process, as well as use it in ghost busting. (Notice the pink orb on her head.)

As an empath and hospice volunteer for dying Veterans, Ronnie is very much in tune with the health care needs of others. She understands how detrimental it can be for someone to have ghosts present in their environment since it can weaken the immune system and sap people’s energy. Ronnie has a sense of fulfillment when clients report a positive shift in their health (which happens a lot!).

Laura Lee Mistycah (Witchy Woman)

Laura Lee is the author and publisher of two other books, Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy which is just been revised and re-released after the limited edition sold out a decade ago, and Living in an Indigo House, the Heartaches & Victories of First Wave Indigos, one of the first books written for Indigo Adults released in January of 2006. (The First Wave Indigo Knights website was created shortly after that to support and educate Indigos throughout the planet.) Laura Lee is also the author and creator of The Alchemy of Kryahgenetics, The Knights of Mistyc House, Cutting Edge Healing Modality Labs, Humor Party Packages, and the Mistyc House & First Wave Indigo web sites. She is a seasoned Holistic Healing Practitioner, Reflexology Instructor, Counselor, Animal Healer, Kinesiologist, Empath, Medical Intuitive, Remote Healer, Psychic, & Ghost Buster.

Through years of research and personal interaction with Psychic, Organic and Metallic implants, she has developed effective methods of neutralizing and eliminating them. Once someone understand this phenomenon and has worked with her, they can then use this protocol to help themselves and others.

Laura Lee is a Solitary Practitioner in Wicca, as well as other magickal and spiritual practices, but has recently morphed into more of a futuristic sorceress in her efforts to outwit the Dark Lords who hijacked this planet.

As a psychic and intuitive, Laura Lee can sense energies and entities that are out of balance or out of place, and then know how and where to redirect them. Working in the realms of Spirit, the Unknown and the Supernatural, have always been a real passion of hers, something that has become normal & second nature.

Along with her humorous spirit guides, Laura Lee is also supported and protected by many kind, intelligent, powerful, and benevolent kingdoms & Realms. Some of these include the Plant, Animal, Mineral, Air, Hydro, Fire, Dragon, Gargoyle, Fairy, Giant, Ultra Violet, and other Multidimensional Realms. Laura Lee also solicits the assistance of Aurauralite/Aulmauracite the magical, mystical stone of truth   in her healing work and especially in Ghost Busting and Implant Removal.

For those who are not familiar with Wicca, it is the study and practice of using natural law to change your reality for the better. Wiccans honor all life forms and respect other's rights to their own spiritual beliefs. There have been forceful campaigns throughout history by tyrannical Religious / Political Groups, to annihilate this practice because of the divine potentials of becoming spiritually sovereign, and therefore unable to be physically controlled. Another name for Wiccan is "Witch", and the traditional definition has been deliberately warped, twisted, perverted and desecrated into the exact opposite of what it truly is. Here is Webster's definition.

Witch: noun-Date: before 12th century
1 : one that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers; especially : a woman practicing usually black witchcraft often with the aid of a devil or familiar
2 : an ugly old woman
3 : a charming or alluring girl or woman
4 : a practitioner of Wicca

**It is interesting that Webster gives the most accurate definition last and the least accurate first, in fact, the entire sequence seems to be backwards. It is important to know that although nasty lies and rumors have run amuck, Wiccans and Witchcraft have absolutely nothing to do with the Devil or Satanism!
Here is a list of what Real Witches like Laura Lee practicing Wicca ARE about. (Taken partially from Silver Raven Wolf's book, "Teen Witch.")

*Real Witches do not hurt people physically, mentally, spiritually or magically.

*Real Witches do not work black magic or kill animals for rituals.

*Real Male Witches do not call themselves "Warlocks" which means "Truth Twister."

*Real Witches do not eat babies or drink the blood of animals, summon Demons, or worship the Christian Devil and use satanic symbols.

*Real Witches believe in a God/Goddess - Lord/Lady Creator of the Universe.

*Real Witches believe in Karma, what you give out comes back times three, therefore avoid doing hurtful things.

*Real Witches honor all positive religious/spiritual paths and respect the earth and all her inhabitants.

*Real Witches use spells, magic and positive thought to heal themselves and others.

*Wicca is a spiritual path of enlightment, with a motto of "Do As Thou Will & Harm None"
…..and that is just the beginning.

~Blessed Be~


¨ Help trapped and lost spirits find their way back to the Light.

¨ Open vortexes to the light for spirits to move through.


¨ Close negative or destructive energy vortexes.

¨ Remove negative energy beings.

¨ Counsel victims of Hauntings.

¨ Help people understand and communicate with disembodied spirits and deceased loved ones that may be trying to give them a message.

¨ Remove stuck emotions of fear, anger, revenge, guilt, and confusion from the earth's energy grid.



Ronnie Rennae Foster - AngelGirl@ghostbustergals.com

Laura Lee Mistycah - WitchyWoman@ghostbustergals.com


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